Saturday, February 13, 2010

Georgian Luger is killed by incompetent design

To anyone understanding the fundamentals of centrifugal, and "G" forces and the simple grade 10 equation F=MA this would not have passed design stage, let alone be implemented.

Is this another of Canada's best Engineering performances, inspection performances?

Or is this another example of how those who claim to always know what is best for us, never having been held to account, having their heads up their collective asses?

I find our collective myopia and focus on Olympic Hockey/gold medals absurd, as if nothing else matters.

I find Rick Cluff's and CBC's promotion of alcohol events nauseating/the police state.

The protesters in East Vancouver saying "Fuck Canada" are the Vanguard of lawlessness spawned by our idiotic laws and the failure to uphold the Rule of Law.

Give them another 5 years and they will be chucking lead at the cops as is happening in Mexico as we speak.

I was carrying a sign in peace as a demonstration for remedy of Justice saying "Canada is a criminal organization," which it is. We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, are the last chance Canada has to prevent it spiraling into terminal lawlessness as a direct result of the Prohibition laws.

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