Monday, February 15, 2010

Marijuana/Psychedelic Sales Vancouver feed community

To me it is a wonder that people still doubt the security of our Society's legal structure. People who have been close to me, since before I embarked on this mission to make our community safe, are even now worried about the cops coming in and hurting me. I thank them for their heartfelt concern but don't believe in the validity of it for a minute.

I have been doing this openly on the internet, the airwaves, since June the 1st 2008, as Bud the Oracle. I have had uninterrupted sales for almost a year from my place, while openly advertising, before even creating the claim of right under which I now lawfully operate. There is no way they can come all of the sudden now, and arrest me, as I have invited dialog with the Government of Canada at every step of the way.

The following was recorded on 28 October 2008, before any claim of right was in effect. I now have what is considered the color of a claim of right at the very least, even if they wished to break the rule of law again and suggest that our claim of right is of no force of law. By the government's inaction, at the very least, I am entitled to perceive that my claim of right is valid.

You have to be aware of the fact that when I emailed Wally Opal with my then religious freedom / scientific argument. on June 1st 2008 "Institutionalized Idiocy," based on the rights afforded the polygamists in Bountiful, he immediately ordered a search for a new crown council willing to charge Winston Blackmore with polygamy. History will show that these events are what happened. Lately the BC Supreme Court dismissed those charges, in effect saying that the AG couldn't shop around for a sympathetic prosecutor to have his personal brand of Justice enacted. This former arrogant Judge tried to pervert the rule of law to his personal measure of moral outrage. Well Wally Opal, I guess the voters told you where to get off, eh!

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