Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Government encourages conflict through its dissemination of drug propaganda

The framer next door has been emailing his customers slandering the customers who walk into my store. The plastic laminator guy has been arrogantly complaining about what I smoke out the back to the landlord and blocking my back door with his large gasoline addiction truck. I guess if he owns a big hunk of iron he can park it anywhere where lowlife marijuana smokers might need access to their shop.

The Frame Commercial gallery guy seems limited to right angles and rectangular shapes in his thinking and has sent emails out to his clients telling them about the dumb marijuana lowlifes next door and complained to the Landlord. It seems both these anal orifices think they can control who does what next door based on their personal prejudices (installed by the government).

These guys are likely jealous of the steady stream of customers I have.

anyways should this landlord prove to be a short sighted businessman who would rather have vacant properties for a few more years, there are plenty of good locations to be had. and I have a feeling there will be even more after the Olympics.

I certainly will not beg this fool to let me stay he can have his moron tenants. the framer doesn't look to be long for future business world. Lots of days closed and few customers coming through the doors. Maybe his lines are too straight?

The property manager/landlord must have notified the city. She was nice and so was I. I invited her to my website and also pointed out our recognition by Parliament. We have already inquired about a license. I told her that we would get one for our business should they allow our menu. Cooperation might even garner the city some tax revenue, who knows? Let's discuss it peacefully!

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