Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CBC Musical Nooners get Claire Martin dancing

I took the White Wolf on a four and a half hour jaunt today. First he went swimming in False Creek By the Casino, then we took in about a half hour of the entertainment in the CBC Plaza. Somehow we ended up at the Vancouver Seed bank for a bit of pleasant company. It was a fun hike and I will be going often, because my legs are getting in shape again and I need the exercise. If you plan the walk right, you are able to stay in the shade quit a bit of the time.

I meet tourists and foreign press and hand my cards out everywhere, wearing my hat. A CBC employee said "Your dog seems to be ashamed of your hat. I said "that's a fresh take." My Wolf has never made mention of being ashamed of my hat. I wonder how he read that into him? These people have funny takes on things, imo.

In the video below Claire Martin cuts up the lawn dancing (quite well) on the CBC Plaza to the music of Los Paperboys on The 10th of August 2010, while today it was the mellow tones of James Lamb. (Click the post title for the schedule)

This corrupt huge machine has many tentacles:

The CBC Censors have been busy eradicating any connection to their puppet police chief Jim Chu by shatner bassoon (myself):

Comment on story: Vancouver police probe fatal RCMP shooting
2010/08/07 | 4:35 PM ET
This comment has been removed by the moderator.

CBC is the corrupt entity sitting astride any real progress in reforming our institutions. They hide police/government corruption and crime because it is the mouthpiece of tyranny all wrapped up in music festivals "free" for the public. With your money they dance away the noon time hours of summer.

Here is the link that they removed:

Have you ever seen this success written or aired by any any Canadian news media?

Ask yourself why a remarkable coupe of some ordinary people getting the government to make the courthouse environment safer would not make the news, while cops get huge airtime to spin lies? Would it be because we are marijuana smokers who are painted as low lifes by the media and this would not help the pretty, fantasy landscape that they promote for the government propaganda machine?

Rather we have the lies eagerly floated:

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