Thursday, August 19, 2010

Christina Lake mountain woman entrapped by RCMP Guard Bear Scam?

Bikers beware, the RCMP are recruiting and training all kinds of wildlife for deep/close undercover work.

The story below tells of a woman who lives in the mountains near Christina Lake British Columbia. The Mayor of nearby Grand Forks, a border community, Brian Taylor, claims that she was first entrapped by the Mounted Police undercover "Bear Black Mountain" squad. The woman, a lifetime nature lover and horticulturalist, claims that this spring the bear population exploded and she started to pity these black beauties. When she stood in line one day at the super market to buy her unusually large order of dog food, a friendly man dressed in motorcycle leathers approached. Over their next few encounters he convinced her that growing pot might solve her financial problems. The man was a charming adventurer from Ottawa and quickly won her confidence. He told her that he would take all the pot she produced and had set her up with several hundred seedlings.

The Mayor who is rumored to support the marijuana industry, and has often been reelected on his open pro legalization stance, understands her plight. He is also rumored to deny any direct knowledge of any grow-ops or business deals concerning any marijuana for bear food undertakings.

The main obstacle before the Crown is the reliability of the Bears' testimony as being competent before the courts. Crown prosecutors are quick to assure the press that the bears are competent witnesses as they are not allowed to eat the pot.

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