Friday, October 29, 2010

Another noon showup today: LAD-00023 (click)

I'll be practicing my rights and freedoms at noon today at the Misery Mill 222 Main Street. Smoking some nice Bluku Delight. Come and join me if you dare.

I am getting a chuckle about how I seem to be like a deadly plague to the press and I can see why. What if more people understood the power they have at their finger tips? It would mean that the "news" scamming outfit that the "reporters" worked for might loose revenue from the monopolies buying scam ad space to ply their junkie wares and dangerous poisonous products like alcohol. Well, as the Registrar put it so eloquently "you people abuse legem regni, which is the only law that justifies outlawry or imprisonment, as a cloak for the malicious act of theft; and why? To prop up the University doctor/pharmacist/law monopolies. It is reprobate behavior contrary to law."

Alex Carry was so right!

There is absolutely no possibility of confusing this "Justice System" they practice in Canada as the Rule of Law, is there?

The most recent example of there being no rule of Law for the Prime Minister is his handling of Omar Khadr plight. Although Canada signed the United Nations law on the Child combatants, our prime minister, for personal political expression failed to apply that law. There goes any evidence, imo, that Canada would stand behind me in a questionable scenario where I would have thought that it would because of lawful commitments. it seems that our Prime Minister can behave like any third world despot and apply his personal views to any specific situation. I am proud to say I won't pay taxes to such a poor protection for its citizens performing country. Fuck you Mister Harper. We are peaceful people and we don't wish to belong to a country which falls short protecting its citizens in favor of political propaganda. Screw off when you think that you can just ignore our words as a lawfully created society to you in Parliament

We were recognized by Ed Fast as the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, myself as Chief Justice, its reigning corporeal monarch, under the direct authority of Jesus Christ, practicing legem regni in reigning well. We do not plague our citizens with gun violence and increasing proliferation of lawlessness to prop up any monopolies through failed policies, rather We allow peace and harmony to rule in the name of the Lord.

There is no proof that prohibition meets its stated goals. Here is what is happening right now in Portugal which has decriminalized possession of a ten day supply of any drugs. I recorded this program, "Sunday Edition," over a year ago.


Warren G said...

The war on drugs is a vicious circle going nowhere but downward in a spiral. The police themselves admit that by taking out some major gang figures in recent months in Vancouver, the drug market has become further destabilized resulting new turf wars & vying for position = more likelihood of violence.
While the drugs keep flowing regardless of who's selling. Where there's a popular market for substances dirt cheap to produce, but offering huge profits because of black market price markups, there will always be sellers to satisfy the widespread demand: Economics 101.

The police can never stop a thriving market supported by so much popular demand. The drug war has only failed & can only continue to fail.

The downward spiral in Mexico reportedly occurred after a major destabilization of the drug market. Some years back , at the urging of the US gov't, Mexican drug barons who controlled the trade were arrested. The drug market in Mexico had been stable & relatively non-violent till then. The sudden de-stabilization caused new, more violent gangs to emerge to fill the gap & war against each other. Now some Mexican border cities are Hell on Earth, not because of drugs, but because of prohibition.

The worst so-called "drug problems" are all prohibition problems .
It's prohibition that makes drug gangs violent, powerful & rich enough to corrupt politicians. It's prohibition that compels addicts to resort to prostitution and property crime to pay sky high black market prices for substances dirt-cheap to produce.It's prohibition that makes for uncertain dosage of street drugs & more risk of ODs & death.

Legalize, tax, & regulate all "illicit" drugs. Prohibition causes far more damage to society than legalized drugs could ever do. Stop the failed, counter-productive drug war.

If drug prohibition has reached their stated goals by having to deal with more guns in Vancouver parks like what happened at Kensington Park today in which 2 assault rifles and a handgun were seized off of gang members then we live in a pretty backwards world in which evil currently rules the world.

bud oracle said...

Got a bit of the writer in you, eh Warren? Well said from the honest part of the heart!