Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'll be smoking a joint of marijuana in front of the Misery Mill at noon today

So you can send your armed goons to steal it if you feel you must. You are a corrupt criminal Jim Chu, guilty of Obstructing justice twice. Make my day asshole! At noon. I'll stick your drugs and substances act up your annal orifices, you cowards who like to steal from people. Real intelligent top brass here to give the go ahead to work with the Hells Angels publicly, ordering a hit on Juel Ross Stanton. You are the most moronic cops I have ever seen, apology after apology for not being able to do your facking jobs right. About all you can do is steal from people. Oh yeah, you can stand in the way of peaceful political change where you might loose your ability to steal from and harass harmless people. Fuck right off!
Would you eat your dog? would you eat my dog? Would your officers eat my dog?

Some of your goons still think they are dealing with a druggie with a funny hat. You can't seem to wrap your heads around the fact that there are many people reading my stuff and following from all around the world, who are in positions of power and authority. These people will document what Canada does to me. The cops don't realize just how powerful a guy that can write, and use this space time machine can be in today's world.

Even though as a 12 years old, I was into chemistry with my friends and we made serious explosives, my mind has remained malleable and my capacity to reason has increased and now I play with much more dangerous stuff than explosives.

A long time ago I gave up playing with guns too, because I wished to become powerful for real. The guys wearing the gun belts are grunts with colors and guns who will soon loose one of their perks, hassling innocent harmless people for their freedom of choice. When they loose that, they will look at acid heads differently for the rest of their grunt lives, and realize that handguns and TASERs are not the weapons of choice for people who have real courage, compassion for people and the intelligence to go with it.

Does this sound like a revolution without guns, combining reason within a legal argument, while simultaneously holding a single person action that is directly linked to those to whom I wish to speak to via Utube/blogspot, while it also has an exponentially inflated effect using this same space/time cyber continuum? That's right, it is called Wu LI dancing.

Remember, this is all done in real time, just as I have learned to soar on thermal lift(stellar fusion) on my hang glider. In my part of this duet that the Registrar and I are having with the creator, I am only an ex truck driving, cat skinner, acid head, Wu Li dancing with the great spirit. IMO, in some ways this is meant to show people that nothing is impossible. All one has to do is step right up, run off the cliff, and "rock and roll." That's what we used to call flying thermal lift on hang gliders: "rock and roll."

These guys showed up on my sub list today

One of the reasons I keep bringing up Hang gliding, is that I learned my first lessons in Wu Li dancing there. I also never flew except once or twice without having a toke or two. That is why you can not convince me that marijuana impairs you. I was usually more cautious than my friends. My abilities in judgment and reason are not affected in a negative way. That is why kids and most adults get behind the wheel when they are smoking pot, although they won't when drinking alcohol. My challenge stands I will donate 1 pound of pot to any charity for clarity, or, needy person with credentials who sets up a test in a closed circuit course for drivers of different experience levels with marijuana, lsd, mdma, ect. when they are under the influence, as was done for alcohol to convince people that drinking and driving was dangerous. This type of double blind study must be done to accurately assess the real and relative dangers of these commonly used substances, soon anyways. I can't believe that the University fact seekers haven't done any real science on this, rather, legal impairment still only depends on a level of detection of the substance in the blood. Tobacco is deadly, and has a great physiological effect on the user, is found in many people's blood, but is not classed as a cause for legal impairment judgments. Where are there any objective studies anywhere, linking real qualitative and quantitative facts of impairment to marijuana?

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