Sunday, October 31, 2010

So what are you gonna do Honorable V Toews, Honorable R Nicholson, Our Esteemed and wise (hopefully) Right Honorable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister?

Of course I am reefering to the tile link in this post which will link you to our declaration of Independence LAD-00023

Follow along reading the document while listening to the esteemed Registrar, in the embedded player within the document in the Title Link, creator of this very lawful polite way of saying to all the governments in the world to cease and desist, they are breaking the Royal Law, God's law, when they operate under the guise of prohibition.

In this document he explains the exact reason why there is violence and lawlessness surrounding prohibition: Because they are practicing Injuria, Injustice. The monarch is serving the devil. It is the work of the devil that those storm troopers are carrying out when they steal people's possessions. Once people are trained to serve this master, the rule of Law evaporates. and a pervasive evil is unleashed upon your lands. This foul spirit practicing tyranny, then asserts itself as "the rule of law" and we have the breakdown of Law and order that we see around us. You people do what you will, but we will not be forced to worship the devil. This evil entity cloaks itself in false righteousness, as people like that "well meaning" health care worker who told me about the many horrors she had personally witnessed with people on LSD. This evil entity climbs into the minds of all those who would love to judge others, and gives them an outlet to practice their evil urges of oppression under the guise of government sanction "law and Order," drug tort.

This is the breaking of: "Thou shalt not judge others, lest ye be judged"

No one, not even Mister Harper, has the right to judge others for their personal choices if they are not interfering with anyone else. Your Society is not following the important laws of God. The Law Societies have forgotten why our legal system was founded on the Bible. Kings must reign well doing the work of God not the devil, or, the law Society.

Take a good look around you and see all our institutions crumbling in corruption and then listen to this while following the text of the document and you will understand why.

I believe this is God talking to us, to the world, through the LAD. It is a sacrament of God. What we have done is a true miracle of insight from God for all of humanity to adapt. Think about it, in one, not so long document, two acid heads, with no resources, one what your society calls a drug dealer, have explained in law God's will in His wisdom, so that even the tyrants can't come against it.

We will step peacefully away from Canada, Watch us! It is the will of God. The proof of that will be a miracle in itself.

You will see the nations which are mostly ruled by this evil will have the hardest time giving up this tool of the devil. Evil will set brother against brother.

This is the new wave of Liberty, that the world craves, every bit as important as the declaration of Independence was at its time. More so, because the evil of Prohibition has spread around the planet.

I believe that there is no Judge in Canada who will reject our argument, because it as plain as day: Irrefutable by the will of God.

"Cognitive liberty is necessary so that every generation can define the Rule of Law for itself."

Otherwise, a society becomes stagnant with a lack of justice preventing fresh ideas from surfacing, the creative harvest stops, and the jackboots come stealing under the cloak of "law." As I have said many times before, when the template coming from the top down in all our institutions is lawlessness, what else can we expect in the way of results reflected in our society?

Why not send these links to the PM's office, Vic Toews, Rob Nicholson, all the media to make sure they get the good news everywhere.

When you compare our acts of "terrorism" (me ringing the bell and shouting my announcement of sovereignty, opening the Pot Shop on East Broadway, the demonstration sale in Victory Square August 11 2009 AND SO ON AND SO FORTH as the registrar would say) to the rest of the "independence movements" around the world and their claims of "Godliness," while wearing explosive belts, and you see what we will achieve using only the words of God, you will hear His voice ringing the truth in your ears.

There will be no mistaking the hand of God expressing itself peacefully, powerfully, irrevocably(and yes rudely at times). The devil though uses high explosives TASER, weapons and prisons to harm harmless people.

Is it a wonder that in our own land even the press shuns us, although we display the finest, most powerful, sustained action for liberty in the entire world at the moment?

By allowing us to leave peacefully and giving us the protection from being harmed by the agents of the Government of Canada, which we demand in the name of God, Mr. Harper can set an example of a new paradigm for peaceful change for the entire world.

This will peacefully supersede the will of America, asserting God's law once again on the planet.

It is fitting, as Canada was the first nation in the world to prohibit Cannabis, climbing on the devil's bandwagon of prohibition created by the USA.

I don't think the Registrar would mind accepting the Nobel peace Prize with Mr. Harper, should God will it.

I wouldn't mind doing a hit or two of LAD with Stephen Harper and the Registrar, walking amongst God's great Canadian Forest anywhere and guiding him into a true communion with our creator, if he is ready for it. I think it would be great fun for everyone. (And if security must follow, they must be using the LAD too! That should be even more fun, I think.)

By the way, I am still extremely "high" on a massive dose of the LAD which I did yesterday at one pm. In the "coming down" phase right now. I have slept for six hours and woke up still very connected to the wonderful universe we live in. At times, it truly is a grand life which God has granted this Oracle!

When I use the word God, keep in mind you can use it as a blank holding spot for Allah, Goa, Dog, whatever is you personal connection. I have actually read the Bible several times but don't think it is the unaltered word of God. Can I hear God speaking to me through it at times? Yes. Actually I have found that if you seek the voice of God, truly, He will speak to your heart in any LANGUAGE, USING ANY PARABLE FROM ANY RELIGION, OR NOT. The important thing is the we seek Him in a personal way pretty well continuously. While drunk even, because that will help keep you from getting behind the wheel. The reason all of these Psychedelic substances are less harmful than alcohol is because they don't impair one's reasoning capabilities, which lead to calmer outcomes than from alcohol. They also truly connect one to a sense of belonging to each other and the universe. Now what is so dangerous about a little peace and love? Don't you think that the world might need some of this type of cognitive liberty, today?

We use the Bible as our law because that was and still is the foundation of the English Law and it speaks the truth as well as any other. NO MATTER WHAT EVIL OTHER SOCIETIES HAVE TRIED TO INSTALL, THE LAW OF OUR COMMON LAND IS STILL THE COMMON LAW. IT IS IRREFUTABLE AS IS THE LAW OF NATURE.

May God use our words to touch those who will not be able to deny them, because they did pray to their concept of God, Mr. Harper. Hopefully, after reading and hearing them, God will touch his heart, then, I and many others can say good things about him.

Perhaps the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society will endorse worthy Conservative candidates during the next election, then Mr. Harper will win by a landslide. (NOT SAYING HE WILL DO THIS TO WIN, BUT HOPING HE WILL DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT)

If he is following the will of God, he would likely make a good leader.(perhaps after a few sessions with LAD he will become a great leader?)

If we spent a full day on the LAD the Right Honorable Stephen Harper might get to experience something like this

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