Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do humans have a political gene?

It seems that they have found something: Researchers find a 'liberal gene'

If you click the title of this post you will see my study by that name published three and a half years ago. I mention in the audio about how this hypothesis came to me while I was tripping on LSD.

Someone wanted an interview from a non local North American press. I have decided that I will give no interviews to the regular media for now. After all I have expressed myself voluminously here and on Utube, as well as many blogs. I am not here to entertain people although many are amused by my antics. Those responsible for the decision making will have intelligent people working on our demands. It all depends on if the PM will continue to play political games with the lives of Canadians or, as I believe along with many, he should get on with doing what is right for Canadians/humanity. Certainly there is no reasonable defense against the Registrar's LAD-00023, that I can see. At least none that has been expressed to me. If you wish to be the DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, be my guest.

LAD-00023 seems to be one of the wondrous monsters, a mutation of thought, that I was talking about as a part of the mechanism of natural selection brought on as a direct result of freedom of choice to ingest whatever substances we wish. In humans, not only is the biological function of mutation necessary, as I have said often, to bring forth successful biological adaptations, but in our case, we must be allowed to experience mutations of thought to create the wondrous entities of fresh ideas. This function of nature, is brought on by changes in temperature, exposure to radiation, whether cosmic or man made, and exposure to, or ingestion of, chemicals.

As a trained environmental technologist, I can tell you with accuracy that we are exposed to hundreds of dangerous, or, unknown man made chemicals every moment of our lives. To make any substance illegal to posses is a farce practiced only to apply tyranny. It is cognitive censorship to this purpose: to monopolize for profit and commerce, through corporate courts of "law," via corporate universities as the "factual foundation,"

And this is very serious: you people abuse legem regni, which is the only law that justifies outlawry or imprisonment, as a cloak for the malicious act of theft; and why?

To prop up the University doctor/pharmacist/law monopolies. It is reprobate behavior contrary to law.

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