Monday, November 1, 2010

I am looking forward to a high noon appearance at the Misery Mill

People are not confident that this document LAD-00023 (click title link) will stand and are afraid for me going to jail. I don't wish to go to jail, but surely there must be someone who draws the line to promulgation of this idiocy, this lawlessness which allows the state to practice tyranny. What happens to me is of no consequence as there are thousands who will continue to die as a result of this failed policy. It is black and white. Should the courts find me a criminal, so be it, I will throw my lot in with the criminals. Whatever it takes, I will not allow this corrupt, foul evil to stand in my community any longer.
Drug prohibition is not only an act of violent domination conducted by yourselves and your officers; it is an act of violent domination, and, as the Corporate Study above says, gun violence and high homicide rates are likely a natural consequence of drug prohibition. That is to say, naturally speaking, your policy does not meet its stated objective of reducing drug supply, and that such policy comes at the cost of gun violence and high homicide rates.

Why wouldn't we be allowed to progress in understanding as human awareness increases?

The CCLE expresses its general Drug Policy18 thusly:

We maintain that the war on drugs is not a war on pills, powders, and plants, anymore than the earlier governmental efforts to ban books or to censor publications was a war on paper and ink. These are wars against thinking certain ways, and for this reason we maintain that criminal drug prohibition is unconstitutional cognitive censorship, and inconsistent with the basic values and freedoms upon which the United States was founded

We are of the same belief, and we go further:

drug prohibition is inconsistent with the Rule of Law upon which western society is founded, as freedom of thought, “thinking certain ways”, is necessary for every generation to successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law for itself. Drug Prohibition is Cognitive Censorship contrary to Rule of Law.

Figuratively, psychedelic drug prohibition serves to prohibit the use of substances which facilitate the reading of the table of the law of the heart.

Remember, membership in our society is for everyone even those who now are opportunists in the illegal market. These people have been created through the lucrative opportunity brought on by the drugs and substances act, as a direct result of it. They, imo, have kept open my freedom of choice in all these years of lawlessness willing to risk imprisonment, just like me, because they saw this law as a vile attempt at cognitive censorship. The only thing I do not agree with is the violence and intimidation. Therefore we have come up with a solution, control and regulation and oversight by the Court of Justice.

Should the government continue to deny me the rights was born with, I will consider joining forces with some group, as did the VPD, to make my community safer because these are our rights as free people:
Henry of Bracton says in The Laws and Habits of the English3 is our right:

The words ‘in a judicial proceeding’ are used to distinguish an action from matters we pursue not in a court but outside it, as when we pursue a thief who steals by night or by day, a robber or another, where it will be permissible for each to do right for himself without legal proceedings, with this exception, that if such are taken alive, life, death and member belong to the king.

And thus it is clearly lawful for anyone to oppose any thief anywhere at any time without judicial process, taking back his possessions and, if he captures the thief alive, the captor must bring his captured thief to the King as, clearly, the life, death and member of thieves belong to the King. And note that this is given in contradistinction to judicial proceeding, so the notion that any judicial proceeding anywhere could abolish right of pursuit without judicial proceeding against thieves is farcical, and, indeed that itself would as much as constitute, as it were, a judicial theft, that is, the removal of a right course of pursuit that is by justice available to all creatures to which God gave arms and dispositions similar to his own by which they may do right for themselves to protect His gifts of life, of liberty and of possessions.

Send me to jail once more, and I will network to protect my "gifts of life, of liberty and of possessions," So help me God!

Happily as you will see on the following video, the Judge whom I appeared before last was out giving me moral support as I smoked a joint before my daily announcement.

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