Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here is why you are keeping organized crime in business: to harm these peaceful entrepreneurs , harmless people

Why would the police prefer to deal with organized criminals to help with there policing in order to persecute the people in the above video? Why are Politicians so bent on harming nice people? You would think that these dunderheads might see that getting on this bandwagon early might be to their everlasting benefit. Change is almost biting them in the ass. This is as inevitable as water running down hill. The prime directive for natural selection to work is that each individual living entity must be free to choose its own diet, so as the widest mix of palates will bring forth that biological mutation, the "Wondrous Monster," to which we owe our presence and our future, if there is to be one, and for creatures such as humans new modes of thought which will inspire the most creative thinkers among us.

This has been demonstrated in the short time that LSD was legal.

I had to call 911 this evening as two young punks exited the door beside me in a mad rush from the upper floors as the fire alarm was pulled. This type of hoodi wearing young punk is created into a swaggering thug by the uncontrolled drug bonanza lawlessness, becoming the rule of the day. I called it in as Bud the Oracle on behalf of my neighbors' safety, as well as peace and quiet. One thing for sure I have no fear calling the cops when they need to be called, because all I have for self defense is a crowbar which I will use if need be. I photograph everyone that I can who is a stranger or looks suspicious. The cops were busy but thanked me. I did my duty to my neighbors.

I am truly tired of the dangers created by the likes of Harper and his idiotic obtuse unrealistic political bullshit, keeping reason from overturning the CDSA and I am sure that many reasonable Judges are too. You know what I do lawfully as Chief Justice, Bud the Oracle from the Deuteronomical Society. We told the government at the highest levels that we would do this for the safety of harmless people. You will have to kill me to make me stop. I will never again plead out to anything. I am prepared, unlike Marc Emery was, to spend the rest of my life in prison if needs be to help make my community safe.

Anytime you want to put me in front of a jury of my peers, make my day! I will represent myself. You will lose! Canadians don't want to live in these crime ridden communities where the police work with the Hells Angels, anymore. They don't want former ministers of our governments corrupted by cocaine, they don't want cops getting away with murder, and we are not going to stand for imprisoning more harmless people in your prison industry on vague notions of an increase in "unreported crime."

I will run as Bud the Oracle, with an endorsement from the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, in the next Federal election as openly as I can, in David Emerson's riding. I will begin this journey of introducing myself to my constituents, soon. I will run on giving my constituents a direct say "technology assisted direct democracy, TADD" and represent their wishes on every bill before me, even voting against repeal of prohibition if the majority so wishes. I will wear my hat and promise to wear it in parliament, if they send me. In voting me for me, they will serve notice to the rest of the party hacks up there that things are going to change, as I appear in the House of Commons, in their faces, daily. I will do this my own way with a popular support base and little money. It will be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it very much. I can communicate with anyone to reach a pragmatic compromise, am as smart as the next guy, certainly Maxime Bernier or Stockwell Day, and will set an example to other potential independent candidates that we don't need party politics to get elected or to form a good government and make things work. If a few right wing hicks from Alberta can do it, then certainly the many average people I represent can also do it.


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