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So it has come to this Canada

I am really glad that the Registrar has given us this very sane alternative for the legal reasons for being able to do as we are doing.

Beyond that, I challenge the Crown prosecutor Adrienne Switzer, to give me advance notice so that all the substances I have accumulated be on hand, which are sufficient to warrant a jury trial in quantity and classification according to your unlawful drugs and substances act.

If advance notice is given and the VPD is sent to enforce this assault and theft upon me, I will have on hand all the substances and quantities which will guaranty a jury trial according to your rules. If the VPD associates, the Hells Angels, are sent to enforce your laws as your police agents have publicly stated they do when "necessary," I will make different arrangements. (also peaceful of course)

Until then, I will be happily operating under the authority of my Lord God as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle, providing freedom of choice to people over the age of 18 who are of sound mind. This I have been doing from these premises for 2 1/2 years with no complaints from my neighbors. My hours of operation are 5 to 9 six day per week off Sundays.

For the legal details which we will be filing with the minister, upon final review, click the title link in this post. If you have anything to add please feel free to do so. Pending final reading this is our legal argument as will be submitted to the appropriate agents on Monday.

This was recorded almost two years ago and I am still at it

Here is an item on the Craigslist local news
Link defunct due to the government flagging it. So power this Canadian criminal organization, eh?

One more thing to take note of, I have never asked for any contributions and I am playing this game for keeps. I am willing to suffer the consequences of my actions by myself. There will be no moaning and pleading to any government crime causing bullshit, I have drawn my line in the sand come what may.

I cannot be forced to comply with any criminal organizations of which Canada, through the actions of her agents the VPD, Brad Demaris, has publicly aligned itself with the Hells Angels to provide "protection" to the community.

Neither can anyone else be forced to pay taxes or comply with the laws that a government makes which consorts with the Hells Angels

Because most cops are having difficulty grasping this, I will spell it out for them. Should something happen to me, it only reinforces what I am saying, proving my words with my own blood. Therefore, I expect protection by default. I simply don't trust that Juel Ross Stanton's trigger man will ever be found or that the VPD are not corrupt to the very core.
Watch them in action working with the Hells Angels against me in these videos

VPD works with patriots to promote lawlessness 1/3

Activist easy arrest 2/3

Camera stolen cameraman unlawfully arrested part 3/3

Diane Rothon is holding a coroner's inquiry over something that would not be necessary if a proper investigation of Paul Boyd's Granville street execution (maybe the same guy who hit Juel Ross Stanton?) which I complained formally over witnessing Chief Jim Chu's obstruction of Justice on behalf of the shooter. I complained as a Canadian under the name they tried to jailed me under, Klaus Kaczor, to the OPCC file # 2007-3940.

For the back story go to the Georgia Straight Article

This charge was corrupted by the chief himself when the police board found me incompetent to lay these charges. NO JUDGE HAS EVER FOUND ME INCOMPETENT EVEN TO THE POINT WHERE I COULD SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND AND REPRESENT MYSELF.

listen to Obstruction Of Justice Complaint Against Jim Chu

This is only one of many documented interactions I have had personally with the corporation of Canada, during which I found it to be a criminal organization with no rule of law. Two years ago, I withdrew my consent to be governed by Canada peacefully for this very reason. Rather than allow me to live in peace this criminal organization, Canada, has stolen my possessions and harmed me, while its agents openly consort with the Hells Angels for help to police my community. I can not remain true to my ethical core and allow this to stand, so that my community continues to be harmed by this failed policy the CDSA, and the corrupt agents of Canada who are above the law.

Also listen to I trusted the RCMP a true story (one of my first recordings so its a bit hard to follow) about how I was outed for having helped rid my community of someone who bragged about murder torture to me. 13 years later after having my recorded testimony help convict this multiple murderer the Surrey RCMP outed me to dissuade me from coming against a police officer whose Rottweiler mauled me and who ran into the night ignoring my pleas for help.

These are stories about the police which are true and you will not hear from Mike Howel of the Vancouver Sun or the CBC whose mandate is to feed you police state propaganda.

let me run this scenario by you. If I was on Utube on April 12 saying something like, "There is a rogue Hells Angel threatening my community and I, as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle, have asked them to do something about it!" you can bet that on the 12 of August hours after the shooting of Juel Ross Stanton, while his body was still warm I would be charged with murder one. And I would get a break maybe on my sentence if I gave up the contact I had made in the Hells Angels and if they fingered the trigger man. Two months have come and gone and there is not a PEEP IN ANY MEDIA. Why? This is another blatant example of there being no rule of law in Canada no matter what the Judge said to David Malmo Lavine during his sentencing.

I have run this by many dozens of people and not one has pointed to a flaw in my logic. Today I receive some good input from a guy I ran this by. He said "didn't these cops learn anything about the Hells Angels and providing security from Altamont?

Although I was "high" on two hits of fine LSD I didn't miss a beat in answering him. "Likely not because Brad Desmaris was probably a young hippie bashing new recruit back then. After his shift one night, drinking with the boys, he might have displayed pleasure at the "Good work" of the Hells Angels.

Why would he have to learn anything different with the Lie the government continually fed him and all of its agents, that he could harm harmless people and steal from them under the color of "law." How would these guys even understand what has transpired here, because no one else, Mike Howel, the Vancouver Sun, the CBC, understand what the VPD has wrought here by associating themselves with this murder. Perhaps not many lay people will see it my way, but there is a reason why I am a chief Justice. The courts, crown prosecutors and people who work with Canada's laws will understand what I am getting at. Should I be brought again, shackled in irons, I will never capitulate to allow jurisdiction over me, because I am positive in my very logical, well informed mind, in my ethical soul, that God stands with those who are the side of right. I have been given this understanding through the my communion with Him in Psychedelic modes of thought. He has also given the capacity to understand his wisdom and legal logic to the judges, jurists and prosecutors who are trained in their law, which on this revealed principal is aligned perfectly with our law. These professionals, many of whom agree with me and my methods, cannot find any other way because the facts are the facts and no one can be forced to remain in a criminal association, even by the government.

Maybe they are thinking that they can keep a lid on this and dismiss me as an old dumb stoner? I really don't give a hoot. I certainly know what is up here and I will never leave this alone until they either fix it or leave me and those people who wish to join our society, alone.

How about my direct involvement in the aftermath of the 4 horrific murders of the RCMP in Mayerthorpe

Haven't you had enough too? Not Mike Howel though, to him my store was supposed to be a danger to kids although I was checking age. And some international security scandal because of what? Yeah, right. You haven't seen the last of this dumb old stoner.

Thank you for sharing this JeimusuJones you have brought tears of joy to my eyes and instilled confidence in my heart. I truly am touched that you would share something so beautiful and precious with me.

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