Monday, October 11, 2010

Isn't this what we have been saying, Eh Tommy Chong?

These guys are talking as if this solution was news or something novel. Harper and the current Canadian elected idiots are still in the dark ages, though. Mr. Harper follows none of the rules in Parliament that he doesn't want to. That's the example he puts out: some people can break the laws and get away with it.

That is why I had to withdraw my consent to be governed: because these drugs laws have created lawlessness with the government stealing from and harming its harmless citizens to perpetrate an obvious failed policy.

The morons that they call their high ranking police officers have not only created, and made powerful, organizations such as the Hells Angels, now these government agent criminals, ad hock social planners, think that they can openly go to the Hells Angels and order a hit too make our community safer. They proudly display this as good policing.

Last night on the National there was another soul searching session about the increase in gay bashing and general violent bullying.

Let me take this opportunity to get it on the record once more, so that eventually, perhaps decades from now, it might get through to the densest of heads. Maybe if we are lucky it will be similar to the length of time it has taken Tommy Chong in the above video to be joined by the police chief who has finally seen the light, or become honest. Just how long does it take to see the obvious for these "trained" seals? Certainly, after a half century of marijuana and psychedelic use I have a better functioning mind than these "experts," who might take a look around them and see the havoc caused by their direction if they had any sense of honesty.

Yesterday, I met a long time acquaintance in the park who is a health care professional, with whom it's a case of repeating the propaganda, her own lies added, coming from a platform of "I am a professional and you don't know anything." This idiot can't see that when the skies don't fall in California after legalization, her supposed excuses for oppression will have evaporated. She has never heard of Portugal's decriminalization miracle, and is always right, because she is a tax slave regurgitating lies taught to her at school where all propaganda training BEGINS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.

As Albert Einstein (whom she would have looked down on because she has more eduction) has told you many decades before: when your make laws that cannot be enforced (because they go against human nature) you are bound to foster disrespect for the laws and the rule of law. This means, combined with police who give the example that they are above the rule of law and are quick to use brutal force, and government leaders who practice oppression and tyranny through unjust laws, that the law of the jungle applies in Canada. The template for our youth is drunkenness, macho aggression, brutality and lawlessness.

You can write sweet gay fairy tales and have them taught in kindergarten, but the role models that count carry guns, fight in the hockey rink and run the country like bullies screaming my way or the highway and jailing people who would think differently. They refuse to help repatriate Canadian citizens, a child soldier, to placate other obtuse morons who will vote for them because they are hard line. These power hungry idiots are not concerned that if you bend the laws here, in Omar Khdar's case, because you don't like someone's politics personally, you have destroyed the rule of law for the entire country.

All these educated talking head avoiding the elephant in the room and talking social programs and more money for education. These are the fucking idiots whose "expertise" has destroyed our social fabric, Mr. Harper.

It's the example set by the establishment and their agents that is the bottom line in this type of "education" practiced in Canada. All I have learned with these insane laws and our "Justice" system is, if you want to do something about it, then adopting their vicious tactics seems about the only way. Thanks go to our natives who have drawn the line. People, children, young adults are growing up with no respect for law, or even human beings, because that is what they see their role models doing.

You gullible idiots can spend all the money you want on education, but it won't mean spit unless there is a model of lawfulness being displayed top down, and people are not oppressed for their personal safe choices. Otherwise even the dumbest of people know that there is no point in following the law, but getting away with as much as possible is the proper course. Staying in a gang, or "power unit" will keep one safe when the police are corrupt. When the lowest common denominator in these gangs gets to call the violence, then the victims will always be the weaker ones. This obvious reasoning will be ignored for the next several decades until things get so out of hand, they may make lynching legal again. Your experts are daft in ignoring the obvious. These politicians are manufacturing a crime industry to entrench their poor government. Why do you think we need more jails when the crime rate is dropping?

Go ahead idiots and do anything you want, but I will never willingly belong to a society which is so criminal that it allows its cops to murder without consequence under the law, break every law in the police act without accountability, and order gangland hits of the Hells Angels in order to do their policing for them.

All this idiocy will cost you morons much, with only more crime and lawlessness as a result. Have it your way, but stay the fuck away from me.

And here is the conclusion of my act of "artistic terrorism"

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