Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's up with Bud the Oracle? Too much therapy?

Perhaps this might be the case! Over the last several weeks I have renewed my quest for personal evolution through the use of psychedelics. LSD, Psilocybin, DMT. Although I don't consider it possible to really have too much therapy, sometimes amazing insights take us out of our ordinary selves and cause us to consider the path we are on in great detail.

I have been working on a movie about the evident harmlessness of someone "on" LSD, using myself in unrehearsed film clips taken while on LSD and interacting with people in a casual, conversational, way. The movie was meant to exercise my newly learned skills in Adobe Premiere, while demonstrating the harmlessness of LSD. This began to look like repetition, after the long dialogue I had recorded while walking with a fellow sojourner and the White Wolf throughout our lovely city. When it became apparent that there was also a glaring mistake in the initial setup which would require many more hours to repair, the whole project involving some 20 hours work was promptly scrapped.

From viewing myself and others under the influence of "mind altering drugs," I have come to a conclusion that everyone, including myself, has been duped to the "Nth" degree. These substances are necessary in everyone's diet. They are much less harmful than alcohol and our society would benefit greatly from their unrestricted use by people who might choose to use them for accessing different, multiple modes of thought, literally.

There is a huge difference between the first time user of such substances and the skilled experienced personal researcher. That is why education and not irrational fear must be the way of the future. At one time in human history, anyone who had a questioning mind was considered such a person: a researcher. Inspiration should never be limited by the institutional degree one holds, if any. Einstein was only formally trained to the same level degree I hold. A technical degree. Research must be engaged in by everyone, or we are lost. This herd of primate sheep will outgrow its mentally limited and finite physical range.

Each of us must commit ourselves to the quest for knowledge in a personal way in our lives. These beneficial personal results will be beneficially aggregated for society. The methods will vary from individual to individual, but the broadest spectrum of liberty possible, in which people don't hurt each other, will allow a wide diversity of thought to emerge in the macroscopic sense. These times need new ideas, if humanity is to survive.

Here is a personal revelation that has been presented to me in a mode of psychedelic thought. Rather, my psychedelic intuition has told me I must remain true to my prime directive which is public safety (this includes public health) before I get lost in entrepreneurial adventures. Perhaps though, somehow I can still become a representative for this remarkable product. I believe in it, there is no turning me back because of my direct experience with it. I have not a cent riding on it so I can be totally honest in my evaluations.

Open your eyes to the elephant in the room. I see the empty Olympic village every night when I walk there. The "success" of the Olympics is a propaganda untruth that many people literally don't wish to open their eyes to.

There are many around me whom I see leading unnecessarily difficult lives, especially in their personal relationships, who would greatly benefit from putting down alcohol and doing some LSD, mushrooms or even trying some MDMA for conquering irrational fears.

There is absolutely no doubt, imo, that most of our institutions are in meltdown mode. The Catholic Church, the police forces, the bureaucracy, the Federal government, Provincial government, Justice, and our very social fabric seem to be disintegrating in a storm of lawlessness. This must be due to the way we have been doing things. I am worried that people are evidently so duped that they see the perpetrators who are the cause and current promoters of this failed method being their saviors.

I don't see much difference today in the way of war propaganda than what I saw at dinner time during the sixties when I was on LSD, watching the news on TV. I remember squaring it away as insanity, when I watched in shock one day a I saw the brains spurt from the side of the head of a kneeling enemy victim as he was executed with a point blank pistol shot. It seemed like only a moment later, when last week, a Canadian officer was found guilty of executing a Taliban prisoner who was injured in battle. Then, almost in the next breath, we see the families of fallen Canadian soldiers given national media coverage, while parlaying their grief into a personal political goal: to extend the mission so that their loved ones will not have died in vain. How selfish is it to want to extend bad policy to validate your own grief? Free rides over to visit the Afghanistan memorial provided by the government to pump up the flagging spirit of patriotism and national media coverage. Wow! War is good for Canada! Pumps up the spirit, eh? Like hockey, we are good scrappers! Just like the Olympics earlier this year we "punch above our weight level." How absurdly self serving to use this warped sense of duty to the dead to kill more Canadians where they are not wanted? Have they thought that maybe the Afghanis don't want their commitment for more occupation? Or do they even care? Does all that is important to them concern what they want, as patriotic rubbish regurgitated from the propaganda mill of the government of Canada?

At the same time veterans are targeted through unlawful release and use of private medical information by the government in an attempt to disgrace them and dissuade them from achieving their lawful democratic rights. We were not insane on LSD back then rather we are on the mark as we are now. It was the rest of society who have been proven to be the idiots time and again for believing Nixon and his war on drugs crap. Propaganda is an easy tool to confuse the unenlightened masses, isn't it?

The government has always known that should these multiple modes of psychedelic thought become universally accessible, it would spell the end of control through the liberal application of corporate and political propaganda to subvert democracy. These substances are literally and truly mind expanding.

I will work now to fill in the links to the points I am making all day and also begin anew the movie (so be patient), because there is joy in spreading my understanding to others. It is part of becoming involved in my community for me. It is also a whole lot of fun to learn new ways of looking at things and to evolve on multiple levels personally, if only a tiny bit, for me. One thing good on the physical side is that with all this walking on psychedelics I have been able to reduce my girth slightly. Today it is raining and I feel more inclined to stay in a write and make movies. But right now the Wolf needs a short stroll in the rain. I will take my MP3 player and once more listen to that recording of a synopsis of Alex Carey's work. I truly believe that this medium, the internet, must hold the solution or all is lost!

There is already an establishment attempt to denigrate the internet as a valid source of news and opinion/thought by overplaying to the dangers of Facebook and internet overexposure.

This is one message that all who are concerned in our community about once again returning to a state of sanity should pass on, please!

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