Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today I will be there for a larger audience 9:00 am

God bless our day in peace and harmony

Today I hope to hand out more cards and have more of an audience and therefore I will try something off the cuff> a different time-space continuum. when I am Wu Li dancing I like to rock and roll free form. It is some people's duty genetically to see the rigid complexities in life and conform to them. I am different and more spontaneous. Together we form the left-right continuum of political perspective. Today, I have partaken early of the LAD sacrament we speak of to health Canada. Here is what I will be listening to on my walk there and then Mozart while there (at least I hope CBC radio 2 plays some).

Chief Justice
Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

Bud the Oracle

(also chief test pilot of this aircraft, "By Golly Registrar, I think she's flying!")

Bud the Oracle

Wow it looks like our multiple modes of Psychedelic thoughts claim is stirring up a hornet's of interest from different institutions: provincial, federal, foreign government, and many universities from the world (although we have no degrees)

I'll put up the utube announcement later and continue my acid stroll with the White Wolf understanding what we have wrought. There is no way I will back down from this position and return to a society which wishes to harm me, a society whose rigid insistence on failed policy causes murder and mayhem to be foisted on its citizens.

It is a wonderful feeling to stroll forth connected with my creator while experiencing LSD on such a beautiful day. I am glad that I have the ability to let passions expressed lie to decay in peace instead of revisiting them. I hope the lady on the beach has a good day too and takes me up on my invitation to let us know the real facts about psychedelics as stated in the medical records, to whit, she stated that she had witnessed many psychotic disasters on LSD. I sure hope that any rejection by health Canada would be accompanied by a mound of evidence to prove their point. Otherwise I call all this anecdotal medical knowledge about the dangers of psychedelics, poppycock.

To insist on her view of the world, painted with an old worn lie from the seventies crafted by Nixon's DEA, she blithely would have us endure the murder and mayhem forever. Although it has not stopped any drugs from being sold anywhere.

Is my writing irrational?
I seem to make fewer mistakes and have a better feel for my craft while on LSD don't you think? No one has ever done any tests on experienced users concerning cognitive impairment on this drug. Until then I will not take the word of any policeman many of whom are known to lie in court often. My own senses are much more accurate than any well armed officers friendly, imo. I have driven when I had a license many safe miles on LSD. Never ever had an accident. Having never having driven in the last 3 years I could still drive safely while in my present condition and if anyone wished to dispute that and test my assertion, I challenge them to design such an event and come up with some definitive parameters. i just know bullshit when I hear it and experience something different as a fact. I am tired of the lies spoken by people with guns to children from young on. I demand to see the proof of any claims that any government makes that these drugs, which are abundantly consumed by the millions of doses annually in Canada, have done any significant harm. Who would choose to drive if you are beyond that state of travel in the thrall of Psychedelic projections. I only can do it because I am an experienced user and I have not done it often, but when I felty I could I did it without a problem, mind never giving me false confidence or an exaggerated perception of my abillities and I focussed very much on what I needed to do. My passengers could never believe that I wasn't as high as them. They laughed and rocked to the tunes as we cruised down from Rochdale with a thousand hit of sunshine acid on us. Hello this happens every friggin day still. What do you think , people can make huge money and own fast cars and do this today. Nothing stopping them. Its done a thousand time a week in Canada I guarantee it. Many don't have my skills or attitude supreme control of the vehicle, but because there is no education, only criminal oppression things are deteriorating fast. But obviously judging by lack of evidence to the contrary, driving on LSD is done safely. How could it not be when you are more alert, more aware, and more sensitive to changing conditions? It's when you throw alcohol into the mix that things get deadly.

So we have arrived at a major crossroad for the Canadian Government. They have recognized us in Parliament. There is no turning back from this. They chose to ignore and tried mightily, the cops lying about heroin being on the menu in the store. The prosecutor then dropped those charges I spent 77 days in the remand center and the Judge would not punish me for pleading guilty with no conditions. I was punished for something I was not found guilty of. They have my Claim of right since early 2009. In it I clearly state that my fee for false arrest is $5000.00 per hour. Should the government not grant what we demand, we will take our argument to the Supreme Court as a charter challenge and they will lose, to Robin, or, if they don't allow this genius to speak, I will read the same argument we have before the Health ministers now. Remember, I won't be waiting in jail being punished for trying to make my community safer. It will be very embarrassing for the high priced government lawyers to lose to such drug using amateurs. Then I will hire a good litigation lawyer and go after the millions they owe me for false arrest and time spent unlawfully confined.

They only thing that they can do is not persecute us and let us have what they have already given us in the minutes of the 40th Parliament, peacefully. That might present them with a problem though if more people see the wisdom of our laws and join us, even if they don't do psychedelics. Why, we might have enough membership to field candidates in the next Federal election and give people a REAL CHOICE. I sense that there is a craving for a real alternative to this lawless idiocy.

Oh Oh, I see us, the Registrar and I, as the government's worst nightmare. Think about what kind of chess move we have made as two amateurs, acid heads, pot heads, and without any legal help, or even a mass following, without media help, all by ourselves while consuming psychedelics done this. It's like a couple of nerds getting together in the basement and cobbling together (a) a nuclear legal device by the Registrar,and (b) a delivery device by the Chief Justice. It's been launched, has landed on target in Ottawa. The shock wave is starting to be felt. May God grant them protection and wisdom so all Canadians might benefit.

If not, we are going to launch a revolt the likes of which will set the world on fire. Peaceful strategy that will show the government to be a criminal organization, no better than any other totalitarian government anywhere in the world. Most people don't need much convincing. They just need a place to rally under. Why not the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society.

Yeah, I am not as dumb as I look, Eh! I told you I knew how to play political chess (while on Psychedelics no less)


chancellor said...

Yeah, it's a testament to our engineering skills that the chewing wire and bailing gum haven't come apart inside of a day and a half ;)

bud oracle said...

No gloating please! She's a bit wobble in the roll axis and is not all that that responsive. Perhaps it will prove more enjoyable today, as the test pilot has partaken of a therapeutic dose of LAD.