Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why not send to Harper et al, the links to your favorite post?

Click title link for email address links to any of our elected members and send them a favorite post of mine to peruse. I explain what we want well in the one on October 24 2010

Even if you are from another country, consider this: the crack has to begin somewhere to break the misused armor of Legem Regni (I keep wanting to call it Legumes Royal) that grips the United Nations in a rule of prohibition tyranny around the world. The fault line lies through Canada, I believe. Send them a few personal words on the subject, if you care. It is the least you can do, since I ask for no funds and am happy to carry on my protests alone, in fact strong in the spirit of many. Please also send the links to the media of your choice and ask them to take notice of the peaceful venue for change we are exemplifying.

I am not doing this to entertain anyone, to gain fame (I am already famous in my mind). The only reason I am doing this is so that love and peaceful harmony can prevail once more throughout the world. Won't you join in please, and lend a hand if you have the same goals? This medium is so handy that with only a few moments of effort you can actually touch anyone you like. As you can see when I post the paths of those who visit my blog, it works very well. For one minute or two separate yourself from the entertained role and with you links and an email share that entertainment with the Prime Minister, or the Solicitor General. It won't hurt you, and even a monkey can be trained to do it!

Today I will arrive unannounced at the Misery Mill and bring my Sony Camcorder. Thank you Mr. Sony and God for giving us both brains, one in how to create it, and one in how to use it! In my case it obviously doesn't take much in the way of talent as you can see. My real gift lies in the fact that I don't let my lack of talent stop me.

Surely if people find it in their hearts to start a facebook page to show anger over proroguing parliament, there must be one stoner smart enough with the jam and talent a a bit of spare time to start one for LAD-00023, or perhaps not? Please God, let there be one stoner in the entire world who might be able to do this with Your divine guidance!

What about Wikipedia? Oh Great God of the whole monkey works, please let there be just one stoner who knows the secrets of the Wiki gift, and give him/her the creative energy to stray from his/her bong/vaporizer for the space/time continuum necessary to fulfill your will!!! (please) Amen

And if no one takes up this goal then I will know that it not of God's will and so perhaps I might need to reconsider my own goals as we all should. If what we do when we claim to be doing it for the community has no resonance in the community, then only a madman would not be able to see that, imo. I would hope not to be a madman trying to foist madness on my community. As Chief Justice I see my role as a deadly serious duty cloaked in the comedy of my human nature. It is the best that I can conjure up peacefully.

"It's all Ive got Captain! Warp nine!"

What is next if the government should choose to persecute us, rather than love and respect us?

I won't go there except to say that we claim what according Bracton is the right and customs of the English "The right of pursuit of a thief who steals by day or by night" and "if" he is captured alive, his body member and life belong to the King. To me.

And I will jail you Mr. Harper, Vic Toews, Rob Nicholson, should we gain political power. for crimes against humanity. I will keep this promise should we and our members not be allowed to peacefully remove ourselves from the rule of evil that is evident in your society, So Help Me God!

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