Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day to rest and remember that liberty requires sacrifice

This guy wasn't recruited to kill and he did RISK HIS LIFE TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. I would not respect people who are dumb enough to fight for George Bush's foreign campaigns and America's imperialism. These people have been making the world a less safe place for decades now. Idiocy is idiocy no matter how you dress it up with patriotism. Until people wake up and realize this and step away from worshiping the fallen of conflict and demand better leadership and governance, you are doomed to keep squandering your loved ones for lies.

An article like this would never be published in the censored propaganda media, so no one would get the sense that nothing but patriotic bullshit is felt by all.

The way I see it is the legitimate government of Afghanistan, asked for proof that the Taliban, Osama Bin Lucky, were involved in 911. They had said that they would send any terrorists to stand trial should this proof be forthcoming. Unlike Harper who doesn't protect his citizens from illegal torture by his warmongering neighbor even though there is no proof and he was a child soldier. None was ever forthcoming that Osama was guilty, as there was no proof of weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, in my books the Canadian government has squandered 152 lives of its citizens when diplomacy and international law would have accomplished more and created a world wide respect for international law. These people who lead you should actually be strung up form war crimes and since you support them Canada is a Nation which is also lawless on the international scale fallowing in the same footsteps as the idiotic drug war policy. Lives are being lost daily in Canada, lawlessness and violence is always growing because you keep on electing liars who don't have your best interests at heart. But then again you get the leadership you deserve. And if you are too lazy to do anything about it, to dumb to understand this, making no effort to understand what is going on, maybe you do need to have people telling you everything including what to eat, what to smoke.

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