Friday, November 12, 2010

Psychedelics for sale to people over eighteen! LAD-00023 (Click for legal foundation)

Today's audio street marketing phrase is the title of this post.

Also: "We have created an exemption! Take a card find out more!"

I will chant "just google it" every few seconds, too.

My strategy is to press "home" the issue, until either, I am arrested and we get a chance to confront the British Columbia Supreme court head on if that must be, or, we receive official recognition of our claimed rights. My goal is to save lives. The government of Canada has dithered for decades making a haven for criminality and violent gangs, destroying the peace and harmony of my community. I challenge any judge to jail me as a common drug dealer and then explain that to God.

I won't be carrying anything but a couple of joints to smoke and a Bible. I hope to hand out cards and invite people to visit my Blog and Utubes, and buy their psychedelics from me. Until we receive the protection we are seeking via the exemption, I will continue to expose our lawful alternative. Sooner or later someone not cowed by censorship and drug war propaganda and who wishes to get a chance at a ground breaking story is gonna expose our one act play to the world and then the shit will hit the fan for the government. If we are let go in peace and love, we can work with the government to find ground rules for advertising and marketing that will be acceptable to both parties. This, in my ESTIMATION, IS THE PRODUCTIVE ROAD THAT WILL LEAD TO A MORE LAWFUL SOCIETY OVER ALL, and reduce the need to build more prisons.

Make my day, Stockwell, and others!

By the way, in yesterday's video, the police officers were not doing their duty to keep the sidewalks unobstructed. That was a breach of the common law! Rather than hassling me for speaking in a normal tone, while ordinance was being set off, by law, they should have cleared a path for me to walk unobstructed along the sidewalk.

What if one of those old veterans suddenly had a heart attack while worshiping war death? How would help have gotten to him in time without setting off a massive crowd "crush," perhaps killing more people to memorialize in the future?

That's only a drug user's perception of things so you can feel free to call it nonsense.

So here is what happened today on the major streets of Vancouver


bud oracle said...

Nice ass shot! Eh Martin?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating stuff