Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LAD-00023 is for me (click)

It looks like a nice day coming on. I was six hours on the go yesterday. A bit tired this morning. The Wolf is crashed out, too! I'll feel better once the sun comes up and the skies clear.

I really don't understand these morons who think that you can't take their pictures. Do they watch too much TV and thereby think they are paparazzi bait? When someone points their camera at me I smile. Who do these idiots think they are? All I know is that people get the government they deserve, because they don't give a shit about CHANGING THINGS.

On the subject of the Devine hate assault in Calgary, I have heard that Alberta children services won't allow the children back into their home because the activism of the parents puts them in danger. Let me tell that stupid bureaucrat all children are always at risk in their homes, parents cars, ect. It is not the government's job to take the risk out of life. These people are too inflated with their own importance and have too much power.

This guy got me thinking, woke me up! I like ruminating on these subjects while on LSD. I think I will do one dose today. To give me an adventure in connective symmetry while impacting my environment, my culture, my own life. I think it is called Wu Li Dancing and I love to rock and roll!

As an old fogey, I am continually amazed as I work with this cyber medium (I am downloading the sound track off the Utube now). just as psychedelics are necessary to facilitate multiple modes of thought, to whit psychedelic mode of thought, so too are computers and its hardware necessary to facilitate cyber thoughts. I would be lost without my computer. does that mean I am addicted. Unlike most computer nerds though this stuff for me is an asset that balances the many hours I spend walking and protesting or enjoying the neighborhood. Many Canadians plant themselves in front of the TV and develop a huge bill for the health care system. They enjoy driving around and impacting me with their pollution and then they pay their cops to assault me over my perfectly safe and unobtrusive lifestyle to try to control my state of mind. Sorry but I am not buying that bullshit anymore. I have a right to be happy and go peacefully and safely my own way, no matter what the sheep think.

I have just thought of my first new advertising chant:

"I have a new drug for sale. It's called White Liberty, or, google LAD-00023!"

Tomorrow's post will contain "white Liberty" in its title. I can improvise and say "This drug is potent, but not yet illegal! Come over here and don't be afraid. Take a card and we'll do some business!"

This is how it actually went

If they wish to keep on under estimating this acid head, be my guest. One thing is: there is no defense against one righteous man doing the will of God, is there? How are you going to stop me? I won't stop until we have left in peace. I have every right to be happy and unharmed by goons stealing my stuff against the Law of God..

On the National tonight I see another "targeted" hit as the police are quick to always say. Are you Canadians fucking daft to put up with this level of violence? and to what purpose?

You people are soooooooooo fucking stupid I can't understand it. You just keep on balls to the wall into pure lawless oblivion

Health Canada is in the pockets of the tobacco industry. One monopoly covering for the other

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