Monday, November 22, 2010

Did some MDMA yesterday, feel refreshed this morning

First Clown

Cannot you tell that? every fool can tell that: it
was the very day that young Hamlet was born; he that
is mad, and sent into England.


Ay, marry, why was he sent into England?

First Clown

Why, because he was mad: he shall recover his wits
there; or, if he do not, it's no great matter there.



First Clown

'Twill, a not be seen in him there; there the men are as mad as he.

It's good that they leave me alone, because I am crazy, at least I won't need to worry about the Canada pension plan(what a fucking crock that is!) Crazy people don't trust the government. They look after their own future, themselves(the crazies are not so stupid to believe lies.)

Soon we will be able to give respectable long term employment to other crazies who don't like the lies of the Canadian Government, employing them in the lawful businesses we carry on. Morons have been trained by propaganda to call this "criminal activity," but we changed that for us, and for those who think prohibition increases gangland violence and causes much more crime than the harm it claims that it saves society from.

Now, if you could turn around the facts to fit your idiocy, pretend that the crime and violence is good for Canadians, then maybe your cops/courts could imprison me. I am willing to bet the millions that soon our society will be making for the good of its membership, my freedom and future, against your claims and laugh all the way to the bank, while you idiots suffer through the recession caused by the lies of your governments and call me crazy. Sounds fair to me!

It is you morons who are so stupid as to allow this lawlessness to perpetuate based on pure bullshit in order to suffer the pay off in a tidal wave of social harm and violent lawlessness. It is you idiots who are quiet sheep, fearful to take the righteous path because you might stand out from the rest of the bovines, which support this violence by doing nothing. Daily, people die, because you and your lame leaders are liars in foreign corporate pockets trading justice for trinkets.

You will see that we will remain free, as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, the doubting Thomases not withstanding.

This week's special:
10 doses of MDMA for $60.00

You know why I like working for myself, free of the rule of idiots? A good reason is that because my feet hurt today(breaking in some good Italian hiking boots) and it is very cold outside, I am going to stay home and enjoy lying around the shack until the freight train comes back! The Wolf seems curled up and ready for only a short jaunt or two today, as well. No one to make excuses for and a pleasant evening interacting with my psychedelic customers while making a very good income. Oh, yeah! I also have the time to sit here stinging those assholes (becoming an excellent well read writer in the process) I choose to target, while smoking the very finest pot, hash and doing any fine psychedelic I choose.

So, yeah, you can call me crazy all you want. This wonderful rewarding adventurous life is something that I enjoy living more than anything the Canadian economy has ever offered me (and so far longer term than any shit job I have ever done), as well as the spiritual reward of doing something for the good of my community, at the same time acting under the authority of God. How much better can it get? For sure my conservative brother thinks I am nuts. Who really gives a shite?

But, yes, on having read this post several times now, it does sound kind of crazy if you don't have the mental machinery to transcend the bullshit that you have absorbed throughout your life.

This an excellent way to understand Wu Li Dancing. I hope that I am giving those of you who do posses the neural machinery, an entertaining lesson in waltzing to "the Last Chance" for CHANGE.

Whether I spend my time writing, or "Street Barking", We are secure in the knowledge that the impact is great and the ripples are touching far shores, according to the feedback from my Statscounter, as well as the reaction from the local constabulary and authorities, and not the least, an internal feeling of calm righteousness, an assurance in God's authority that I have never before felt in my entire life. I am convinced by my internal communications with my spirit that I will never again go to prison, or even be jailed, for anything that I do in this vein. It seems to be filled with the life blood of Christ, being pumped through it for the safety of humanity via our humble efforts.

If this is wrong, and I am arrested, I don't care to live in this world any longer, anyways. I will never be a tool of the Devil and will die with a smile on my face like the early true Christian martyrs if needs be. Yes, I said that but have no specific concern that others might choose a different path to reach the same goal. As I said before, it is not so important as to the form of a religion, only a true personal adherence to God's will is necessary for your own life. The law though, is based on the Vulgate Bible as is the English Law. We are using this way because we truly believe it works, as you can see, and also because this is the very foundation of English law, declared on November 19 1858 by Governor James Douglas, as prevailing in these lands of British Columbia. This is the same law which as we state in LAD-00023 is based on the Magna Carta which is written in conjunction with the Vulgate Bible. This is our law, too. Too bad most of you are ignorant of the facts which would liberate you as well and go a long way toward correcting our common problems.

We, the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, have withdrawn from the Corporation of Canada and founded our Society, as we clearly state we would absent repeal of the CDSA
Absent repeal, we declare that men and women may constitute their own governments respectful of their right and good custom and be done with you, and that would be a shame, for Canada is a decent idea. It is not, however, a mandatory idea.
Thursday, April 30, 2009, Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society: Bud the Oracle, Chief Justice; Robin Wroe, Registrar.
.There were no objections and our articles and law was clearly recogniized as we were given official status in the minutes Our "Corporate" head is Jesus Christ, just as your Queen has sworn allegiance to Him, as in
The law of God, of nature and of nations created Kings: which law is not alterable by any creature,
so I have done. This would not mean much if I were a crazy and spouting this fact all alone. But, low and behold, so is the Corporation of Canada (crazy too?) calling me thusly;
We also have two individuals representing the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, Mr. Robin Wroe and Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.
"Time will tell," as that civilian in the video below says.

What a life! I had forgotten that Mondays the Wolf goes on a 3 hour group walk at 11 am, which he enjoys very much. Yesterday the dog walker spoke to me of losing some steady customers who had moved. The solution is for me to step in and buy up more group walking time, which gives her some steady employment, thus giving myself more shack time pecking away at this keyboard, waiting for that freight train. Thank you Lord!

On the radio this morning news of the question of whether the polygamy law is constitutional or not, being before the Supreme court. Finally the Justice system is getting off its collective ass and making some progress making sure the laws on the books are worth the powder to blow them to hell! No wonder there are hundreds of views on my Polygamy articles in the last few days. I hope I am having an impact!

How do I feel about Polygamy? I don't think it should be for the collective to decide the moral values of others. There is plenty of protection already established to protect any victims of abuse. If people are concerned about many young people of both sexes being abused in huge numbers, then why not do something easy and very doable: repeal prohibition, because many marginalized poor people especially youth are co opted into a life of crime and violence through gang membership and criminal isolation. There is no other funding for these criminal organizations which promote violence, so profitable and initiating other perverse behaviors, as is drug dealing!

Fuck off Canada, and leave a group of 60 happy people, none of whom are currently complaining, alone. If you wish to help people, there are tens of thousands of young people of all cultural backgrounds at risk of a life of crime and lawlessness due to your prohibitions act, which gives Criminals fortunes and power. We claim this power for Christ in the name of God. You can continue to give it to the Devil if you please, Canada.

Thank you to the off duty police officer who caught the life long often convicted child sexual abuser in our mount Pleasant school park breaching his parole conditions. I love you for this! Perhaps the Registrar can create an award to the charity of the officer's choice for any off duty cop, emergency worker, fireman or even security guard, who goes beyond his duty to help make the community a safer place.

Let's say $1000.00 once a year in perpetuity to a local charity. Each year, a new perpetual award of $1000.00 could be awarded if things go the way we expect. Surely a sizable investment can generate such an income, and this way we could have a say in where we invest our funds predicated on ethical choices in business which have good, respectful relations with their labor forces. For me it wouldn't be how much I could amass in the way of a fortune, other than to be able to project some better community values, as many who have been blessed have done everywhere, in every time, as is expected of human empathy and compassion on occasion. This is a new experiment in government for the people in an old way, a monarchy tweaked for today's world, inspired by pragmatic solutions to some of our deepest social problems. We are a work in progress.

We could ask the cop who did this wonderful deed for the community if he would lend his name to it, as he inspired it.

Yeah, I am pretty high on pot but I am dreaming pleasant dreams which I have every intention of implementing. No I am not impaired dreaming of vacations in Club Hedonism on the French Riviera. So come and bust me anytime, Mr. Rob Nicholson, or whom ever would like to. Until then I will be doing all the dreaming and earning to achieve those delightful dreams that I can, without a moment's regret.

if you think that you could play this hand better, why not do it? Why would I need to be "reserved?" It would only be my own fears, my own insecurity if I didn't believe one hundred percent that this is the will of God. From my point of view I'm in it for a pound or three, if I am in it for a gram. There is no difference in the amounts, or, the types of substances now as we have claimed the right to market these substances on the menu for the safety of our community, as well as the convenience of my customers. Only a true coward would limit the will of God, thinking that by limiting his personal greed to a size the authorities would let go by, it would allow him to avoid being busted.

No so! Either you trust God and put his will out there, as your real cover, because that is what it is, not some corrupt cop's discretion, or you scurry like a scared squirrel for cover every time a cruiser turns around down in the driveway.

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