Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tough time for the homeless

I believe that somehow this human suffering that I see on my streets, "homelessness," is very similar in nature to the Prohibitions crisis: there seems to be something artificial, contrived, to it. Every time I give some poor person who is begging a few coins,(not much in the big scheme of things,) I feel the guilt of participation in the manufacture of this common "crisis." I don't know exactly how, but I AM SURE THAT I MUST SHOULDER SOME OF THIS BLAME.

I know that we have not come close, in any meaningful way, to solving this growing dilemma, a symptom really, of our deeper social malaise. I don't think it is a simple linear problem, rather a complex pragmatic solution would likely be a better fit.

So you guessed it, I am staying home and spending the day writing speculating, searching for different perspectives. My heart is connected to their plight, but what to do beyond dumping money into the mix for a temporary relief of the symptoms and preventing a mass die off, like you see on the streets of poorer countries?

I notice many people on this blog from the middle east today. I hope your daily struggles are relieved by God, as well as your governments/communities. The whole planet is hurting and it is directly due to the lack of honest, empathetic, compassionate world leadership, imo. I am sure that the stories that have come up on our news of benevolent leaders/monarchs from the middle east who help their people, are only a tiny part of what is really happening, because we are propagandized by our media, as well. We are "terrorism threat" saturated and that does not allow a compassionate view towards others, rather it promotes hatred, so we are extremely biased when we view all aspects of middle eastern culture. Few of our sheep realize this. What to do? What to do?

I wish that more people would cast off from the old dysfunctional ways of doing things, and launch into a new wave of enlightenment, perhaps led by some of the other regions of the world. Maybe our own activism here in Vancouver Canada can point others to a way of more peaceful interaction, to diffuse the view/perspective that has been painted of our "enemies" or, other cultures. My Registrar has had his work cut out to convince me that the path of "putting flowers in gun barrels" might be the best way to go. My first inclination is not to turn the other cheek, usually. Yet if I take my role as chief Justice seriously, I must at all times be aware that I am only holding the temporal throne for my boss, same as queen Elizabeth swore to, Jesus Christ. I know what He would do: turn the other cheek! Alas, dreams of sitting astride a vibrating loud hog, deep in a throng of Angels rumbling to the evidence locker to retrieve my stolen items, would be better expressed as short fiction, rather than an act of real bloody terrorism. Some human emotions should be repressed, especially by those who hold power, imo.

I do believe in Monarchies today for the previously stated reasons, not only because I is one. The way that many other peoples believe in their monarchies intrigues me, more than it repulses me. Obviously to be a benevolent Monarch who desires the best for his subjects they must be exceptional people. How do you keep that going over the long term because nations outlast their leaders? Perhaps some of the reason for the passing of the sovereign's title through family trees was a belief that intelligence and empathy would be passed down as well. Mostly though, I see consolidation of wealth and power behind the family lineage thing. Once you get high on a hang glider it is much easier to stay there, so it is in power. Wealth and power has traditionally been passed down to the most capable/ruthless to wield it.

Most of you have caught on that I am a quirky writer, not completing the editing until the day is done. I slam it down and then toke and correct. I don't give a shite if you don't like it. That's the way I am and I LIKE IT!

I truly get the feeling that "democracy" as practiced today in western countries is a tower of babble. I believe it is also a failed experiment like prohibition. Take a good look around and then try honestly tell me that you feel that you are empowered by your government to achieve your destiny in freedom and peace. Is your government really looking out for your best interests, and, guaranteeing your liberty? Or do you feel plundered, jacked up by strong men, and forced to pay "insurance" which really is a worthless promise? Ask Omar Kdhar, Maher Arar, what protection Canada gives its citizens, although supposedly it has obligations under Canadian law. What a fucking crock. There is nothing for seniors, for wounded soldiers, only USA war initiatives.And the morons stand drooling over war death like sheep before the slaughter.

Can you imagine how much good we could do at home? why does anyone think that you can install our "democracy" which is largely an illusion, in a primitive land at the point of weapons. Can no one else see the absurdity of such a plan? Not many I suppose. What fucking dumb sheep! This is exactly why we need benevolent Monarchs: because the sheep can not rule themselves. Democracy is controlled by corporate propaganda in our world by Alex Carey. Click to download

I truly believe that people are not built to rule themselves. We are seeing the effect of controlled mass herds of industrious people concentrating unbelievable wealth and power into the hands of relatively few greedy, corrupt, insane corporations and people. How does this type of democracy benefit those who actually support it with the sweat off their brows? Not much flows back to the grunts by what I see. Yet they are too helpless to protect themselves as individuals. Therein lies the role of a benevolent Monarch.

Just heard a promo for the BC Almanac show. It will feature the supposed corruption of Indian Chiefs, some of whom are "making more (money?) than Premiers," whatever that means. I actually listened to it on the headphones while hobbling along in my hurting feet. To some extent the way it is set up is the problem in my opinion. Hereditary chiefs and monarchs have no special talents for the job and may not be the best suitable choices for the demanding role. To be effective though, the position must be one of long term security for reasons of continuity and development of expertise. Therefor the parameters of choosing and then grooming such people to form a readily available pool of possible empathetic wise intelligent leadership from which we could draw men and women who will be able to fulfill the stringent requirements of Legnem Regni, should be undertaken as a long term project. Each new generation should be able to add its wisdom, to consider, define and defend the rule of law," for itself.

Just thinking on the wings of creative thought. We must think outside the box to come up with something that will work today, though. All facets of a spinning/dynamic, infinitely variable situation must be slowed down, compared to each other using altered mental perspectives for best results. I sell the media for accessing psychedelic thoughts, check out my menu above.

If coupled with a direct democracy, in an elected parliament it might actually work much better than what we have now. A Monarchy would be a more natural for our species historically than what we "claim" to have now. As a monarch, I would do something right now for the homeless, perhaps coupled with the Olympic housing elephant sitting like a monolith to extravagance and Hitlerism, almost entirely empty. That's where the money went that might have helped some of these people. Why not put it to their use now?

Just heard a report of an elderly man struck by a bicyclist, who died in a Surrey hospital last night. It is the same type of asshole you used to see in muscle cars, now trying to set speed records while intermingling with pedestrian traffic on the seawall here in Vancouver. They ring their bell and shout threats because my Wolf is unleashed. I am actually risking his life as an obstacle so these arrogant lumps of aggressive, speeding flesh, slow down and don't hit an elderly person or anyone.

The wolf and I went for a walk to the drive and stopped in at the lovely Eastern European bread and pastry bakers, as well as the Ukrainian sausage makers. What a nice taste of foreign culture. I like the fresh Sushi shop, which was featured in a video a while back. I like the smells of the open air shops in China town and get my hair cut there. I fit right in to most cultures, as I seem to have "foreign old guy" features.

The mountains were freshly brilliant under a new covering of snow in the bright sunlight. They said it was minus four degrees. Here is a movie clip taken on the 21st at the beginning of the cold snap.

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