Thursday, November 4, 2010

How sweet the sound of LAD-00023!

Upon review i wish i had checked before posting the title but what the hey:

(HOW SWEET THE MELODY OF LAD TRIPLE OH, TWO THREE) If ytou wish to listen to this historical document on your MP3 player you can download it from the Audio Archive

This "tactical" training center is being built close to my place (within a block.) they know where the real threat is coming from. Yesterday they did a training exercise in the field across the road from me, using dummy ammunition, just before I left for the announcement.

So stupid what these assholes are doing. They are making recruits see the public as a dangerous enemy to be shot down at every opportunity. The fuck-ups in charge, those morons who enlist the help of the Hells Angels to do their policing, can't figure out that good policing only comes with the respect and cooperation of the public. These criminals need to have their budgets slashed so that our communities can become peaceful once more.

You notice that I have absolutely no fear of these goons, although they are armed to the teeth. Am I crazy? Not at all. You don't see them hassling me one bit do you? The lunch eating shit in the driveway where my pot customers park, should have given you a clue as to my attitude. Fuck you, if you think I will be cowed by goons. (if you listen to my conversation with the Press Officer, you might get the drift of how scared I am.)

That is what rules everyone: the fear. That is why cops act like goons, because most morons are intimidated by that. If it came to shooting it out with these criminals one day, you bet no one will call me a coward and I will give a good accounting of myself, taking as many of these armed goon cowards with me as I can. There will come a time when/if I am jailed for trying to make my community safer, that I will come into contact with people who might wish to network with me and have the fire power I am looking for to get my point across. I have every right to defend to the death my gifts from God, of worship, of liberty and of possessions. And like every revolutionary who wants to end tyranny and live in peace, I will do what the tyrants force me to do if they do not give way. Having things remain the same with increasing violence from gangs, and a growing violent police state is not an option I am willing to live with.

My overarching wish is that we be allowed to live in peace, but there is no third option for me. I will not be harmed for my peaceful worship of God, while others are allowed to get drunk and worship hockey players. That is my bottom line, and the government can have all of the evil my facile mind can conjure up, should I not be left alone in love and peace as we want..

I know it won't come to that, because I am not so stupid as to consider it a viable option for victory, only a threat of terminal defense against future harassment. Victory will come our way because we know how to play clever legal/political chess and we are free to worship God as we wish in this neck of the woods.

Also, a positive factor in the equation might be the fact that the Health Minister, Ms. Leona Aglukkaq, is a native herself. In her culture there are traditions of shamans and oracles. She may actually be able to hear the wisdom coming from this one.

I am not one bit perturbed about Prop 19, either. Listening to the rhetoric on Utube almost made terminally ill. They were talking about a fucking plant but you would never have realized that coming from another planet. The only thing that was evident to me is that there is a level of idiocy rampant down there that is downright terminal. History will laugh sadly at the video of GWB declaring victory on the aircraft carrier. There is no doubt in my mind which power will die the painful death, IN THE NATIONS' POWER/TIME CONTINUUM, IT TAKES A WHILE FOR THE WOUNDED BEAST TO DIE.

it is amazing to see the denial and stupidity evident in Canadian leadership, though. LIKE THE SINKING OF A GREAT SHIP, PERHAPS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER, THERE WILL BE A GREAT DOWNWARD PULL, DANGEROUS TO THOSE NEAR THE EVENT.

I screwed up with the first upload to Youtube. Tried to do too much at once, edit the next movie and such and it all went to not. Anyways it will be up soon. Had a great day on psychedelics after all. Went tripping on LSD. A great day meeting and blabbing with people in different settings, mostly parks. Not the least bit of doubt in my mind that I have the rights that I do so loudly and theatrically claim on "a sustained daily basis." I hope you are getting the drift that you can have fun changing the world. It is all up to you what you make of it.

There is not a single thing that I do as dangerous as the gun violence that Canada foists upon its citizens. If there is kindly point it out, please.

I communicate with dozens of strangers on every acid trip and none would even guess, unless I told them. This LAD is truly a sacrament and you can tell the tree by the fruit it bears. The "fruit" of my acid trips is a loving communion with my Wolf, my fellow space monkeys and the universe. This happens every time I do LSD. It is a guaranteed mode of thought, reliably communicated via the ingestion of the medium. It truly does make me aware that my inside is alive with the light of God when I do it. No if, ands, maybes, or buts. It is as reliable as a double shot of whiskey is, but it takes me nowhere near the same place. The video below is where I go on LSD

I didn't plan on doing LSD today but a young friend came over and wanted to try it for the first time. We spent the day journeying on LSD and had a pleasant adventure and I hope he learned something. There were times when at first he thought he never got off, then became very "confused" at times but all in all we had a wide ranging discussion and many meetings. He was a bit shy about meeting people but that is normal. We started of with an audio recording until we left at about 10 to 10 in the morning. We hung together walking down Main to the courthouse, the we went to the Vancouver seed bank where the Wolf is always welcome and they have their own nice critters, then we strolled out to Trout Lake and finally I made it home in time to open up.

Just sold some pot to a client, a native who is kinda rough looking (which ones aren't in my circle) who has been buying off me for more than a year. mostly small amounts of pot but occasionally mushrooms and tonight earlier a 5 strip of blotter acid. We spoke and he mentioned proudly that has been six months that he has quit drinking. I sell life changing substances which promote peace and harmony, and I am very proud of what I do, in the footsteps of my beloved grandmother who survived as a single mother of two during and before the second world war. She was a herbal medicine woman who also assisted as a midwife. She was the first person to tell me about the psychedelic properties of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom when we were out picking edible field mushrooms and Bolitas. I am following in a fine tradition of healer of the spirit and mental imbalances.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the strong coming down effects of LSD compared to mushrooms (a bit heavier even off of just 1 hit). However, the tripping part made me confused and I felt like I had lost control over normally easy bodily functions even though in actuality I wasn't really doing anything questionable at all (just babbling on about non-sense). I felt helpless at times feeling like I didn't know a thing and all I was was just a giant camera walking around observing everything around me... I didn't once feel like I was being endangered or endangering anybody (just a little embarrassed at times due to lack of experience on the control of what I was saying and thinking).

bud oracle said...

It was a real pleasure going on this journey with you. It's always a pleasure to have someone of your age who is personal strong inside and willing to explore. Your honesty shines through and I believe if you keep at it you can become an excellent writer. Their is nothing to it except spilling a few million words until you get the hang of it. The only thing it took me a long time to realize, was that it must not be contrived, and come from the heart, as honest as you can make it. everything else will fall into place if you enjoy reading, which you do. and yes you did actually do a great job on the camcorder for the first day, but I will expect better.