Friday, November 5, 2010

LAD-00023 Legal/political "shape" ???? (click)

In the photo above taken by Cannabis Culture, You see the Registrar with his hands in "cuffs" being led away in an illegal arrest by the a tactical squad of the VPD. This arrest was viewed by the Judge and the evidence was in the possession of the Crown Prosecutor, Adrienne Switzer, in these three videos. The evidence is clear that there was a false arrest and that the camera was stolen under false pretense and the camera was held contrary to law section 337 of the cc.

The illegal arrest and the theft of the camera was then used to bring the videos before the judge. In essence the videos were stolen items, the camera was kept contrary to section 337 of the criminal code for months and the government broke every rule in law significant in this encounter. To try to make me seem a common drug dealer and punish me without due process. Thereby, the government presupposes that it can use the instrument of Injuria, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, to entrench its own evil even more firmly after the jail guards assaulted me. This is the state of corruption brought about by the CDSA.

We have our own knowledge of this fact because our most excellent friend Chief Justice Bud the Oracle was assaulted, beaten, captured and sadistically degraded in such a manner by various Canadians, who purported to act under that cloak of maliciousness which your Canadian people are trained to call “Controlled Drugs and Substances Act,” which is wholly contrary to our Religious Faith, as its implementation requires violation of Royal Law, to wit, the commandment non furtum facies, you will not make theft.

Sorry, but we have a more powerful and Just, Entity, on our side.

As stated in the first letter of Saint John the apostle, Deus lux est, God is light. In his book TiHKAL1, Alexander Shulgin writes that LAD, “when dry and when shaken in the dark, will emit small flashes of white light.” It is entirely reasonable, therefore, to presume that this same process happens in vivo, in the living body as well, and, therefore, we hold as a religious principle that LAD introduces light, that is, God, into the body, and we hold that all of the aforesaid subject materials of this instrument confer a qualitatively similar mode of thought.

When the Registrar says, "The CCLE expresses its general Drug Policy18 thusly:"

We maintain that the war on drugs is not a war on pills, powders, and plants, anymore than the earlier governmental efforts to ban books or to censor publications was a war on paper and ink......

the Registrar reinforces it with:

"We are of the same belief, and we go further: drug prohibition is inconsistent with the Rule of Law upon which western society is founded, as freedom of thought, “thinking certain ways”, is necessary for every generation to successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law for itself. Drug Prohibition is Cognitive Censorship contrary to Rule of Law. Figuratively, psychedelic drug prohibition serves to prohibit the use of substances which facilitate the reading of the table of the law of the heart."

Can anyone hear the "reading of the table of the law of the heart," in the videos below?

And today's Lad-00023 announcement is below

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