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LAD-00023 High noon courthouse theater @ Misery Mill 2010, 11, 03

What happened in the USA mid term election is another step in the internal meltdown which is taking place. The American people are the most duped propagandized bunch of morons on the planet. A political quagmire brought on by corporate propaganda control of the population. The people are so polarized that a large majority can not get off their asses to vote for a field of circus freaks.

Click the title link in this post to check out our legal argument before the government now: LAD-00023.

The members of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society have every right to live in peace and follow our religion irregardless of what nonsense Canadians want. The rights of Canadians don't extend to torture on religious grounds.

I have lived my life in peace, helped my community and been an anal orifice too! I am not a holy man but I do have principles which include:
"drug prohibition is inconsistent with the Rule of Law upon which western society is founded, as freedom of thought,

“thinking certain ways”, is necessary for every generation to successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law for itself. Drug Prohibition is Cognitive Censorship contrary to Rule of Law.

Figuratively, psychedelic drug prohibition serves to prohibit the use of substances which facilitate the reading of the table of the law of the heart."

I have that right: that I can access my creator in the harmony of peace and love using psychedelics as much as any hockey fan can access their brand of of bliss in any pub. As long as I am not a threat to others I will not be persecuted for my safe and vital choices to "successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law for itself." Not ever will I give up my God given rights to worship in my own way, Mr. Harper, no matter if you think it bad.

And you can burn me at the stake if you like I am not bowing to the evil which rules Canada, masquerading as the "Rule of Law."

The vote in California shows me, a former proponent of democracy, now ambiguous on the subject, why there is a need for a Monarch. This Monarch must not only be a figure head, rather I believe a guardian of the rights of every individual citizen, a sentry against tyranny. That is why we are looking to gather information about a form of government which might incorporate both direct democracy and a monarchy. If I ever run for federal election as an independent endorsed by the UDS, I will promise to implement some form of direct democracy in my riding as an experimental opportunity, should I get elected.

Alex Carey was soooooooooo right!

The leadership of the Western Nations serve the whim of corporations and because of the wealth and corruption involved laws are made to serve this evil greed leaving people duped and ruled by a tyranny of injustice. This can be traced back to the point when the individual's right guaranteed by God in the Bible began to be replaced by National socialism, under the guise of social planning. As the power of the God fearing individual was gradually replaced by state sponsored insurance scams, we began to slide into this empty materialistic marketer-duped consumer driven lawlessness. The normal churches helping to herd the duped, dumb sheep into government created corals of the closed mind.

I will not serve this monster when I do nothing as dangerous as drinking with the buddies at a hockey game. My God also allows me to use whatever language I choose to speak as long as what I say is true.

I am deciding what if any psychedelic I might use today. Yesterday I did none, and I don't really feel like doing any today. Sometimes being the world's first free roaming Oracle is a chore, but what the hey someone's gotta do it. Partially it is me railing against the machine, trying to expose the true benign nature of these supposedly dangerous substances. The same substances that the government says prohibition and the rise of violent lawlessness is a necessary consequence of. It is like something I heard on CBC radio yesterday: About there being no more cold war air raid sirens around as the last working ones become museum pieces. A remark that captured my attention as to the reason why we changed our thinking from acceptance of a nuclear Armageddon as part of modern life was that the people of the planet would not stand for this idiocy of Nuclear brinkmanship when the early warning time shrunk from a three hour bomber delivery mode to a fifteen minute missile mirved spread. The people would not stand for this kind of foreign policy. That is why we stepped back from an ever increasing nuclear arsenal. But that is no reason to keep newly emerging powers from having the capability to defend themselves from obviously aggressive imperialistic nations which are so armed. This helps to balance the power world wide and is nothing to be feared because it will only result in less likelihood of nuclear weapons ever being used. Each nation, once it possesses a capability and delivery system will also become extremely aware of instant annihilation in a retaliatory response. No despot will ever be able to persuade his armed forces to bring down instant destruction upon their land in a casual manner. The world is a dangerous place and solutions to these real problems lie in learning the art of compromise, not war. The United States has no moral currency as a world leader, because it actively promotes conflict everywhere, including through its war on drugs which it has foisted upon the world under threat of trade embargo. I for one would enjoy seeing a more balanced equation in the number of nuclear armed countries because I see the USA as needing some control if the planet is to get along.

I love to smoke pot and write to express my thoughts in the mornings. That is my right. That is one way I give back to my community: I share my feelings, express my thoughts, inspire others to go on their own tangent (the role of an Oracle, imo.) what I am about in my activism is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it is proving difficult. It's a "no-brainer," though. I have always promised others that should I ever be hassled by the police for this law I would fight it to the supreme court.

Today, I have a new script: "I will be inviting lawyers of superior intelligence to peruse our legal document and get back to me if they choose to work for us." I think that the UDS will be charging taxes on all our substances soon to increase the already hefty fund for all future legal challenges against the Government of Canada. This money is being raised by the Marijuana Guild under our lawfully controlled honorable trade by the Court of Justice. We will also need to be represented in any negotiations which might come up to turn over the functions of the Marijuana Guild to any corporation better equipped, while still remaining under the supervision of the Court of Justice.

I mean if a good lawyer can honorably, ethically defend Winston Blackmore (which I agree with, not the polygamy law), then surely, there must be some whipper-snapper type of guy/gal who would like to earn some of the UDS's lawfully raised tax money in an honest pursuit of Justice?

I'll be interviewing prospective counselors soon. The Registrar and I will query them as to their perception of LAD-00023 and we will judge them as to the acuity evident in their responses. The lucky candidate will receive a $5000.00 retainer and regular monthly payments for fees incurred. We believe in keeping our debts paid. This could turn out to be a lucrative position for an intelligent, ethical person who truly believes in the rights of the individual and can translate that foundation into effective legal action.

If no one steps up to represent us we can honestly claimed to have tried to seek counsel but have been denied, therefore we will bring forth this action ourselves should the government not comply with our demands for the safety of our members. That will be interesting because we will be able to challenge the entire drugs and substances act in effect. That would be the kind of live stage that I would enjoy. A couple of acid heads challenging the Government of Canada in the top courts and winning.

Before that happens, though, I will be opening up a trans Canada internet shopping cart website for ordering the items on my menu. We might charge a filing fee of $25.00 and 5% sales tax on all orders. shipped Fed X or other carriers, Never Greyhound though, they rip off parcels that smell of pot. What the fuck it looks like I am good to go in this challenge all the way. I will continue to get in their face until we win. the people dying on our streets need someone to stand up for them, and if the smug lawyers don't do it, we will.

I am beginning to understand why no one else has done anything like this. Either they want to continue in the illegal market, because they feel things are going good right now for them, cops or criminals, or, they are plain too scared to stand up for their rights.

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