Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LAD-00023 Noon announcement 2010, 11, 02

California's day of reckoning, prop 19, is upon us. This will be an interesting day and I will be doing my activism alone again. I am so glad that what we are doing is for ourselves and we don't need followers. What ever happened to those people who supported Marc Emery for reform of pot laws? They seem not interested in anything but hero worship. Such a lame crop of activists! When we get what we want it will not be due to anyone's help whatsoever, only the Registrar and I are carrying forth the entire battle for repeal in Canada. That's fine by me. We will get what I want because we know exactly what we want, and we have given them a date. California's decision could be the clincher, because of who would see the writing on the wall. Whatever happens, I will never back down because a bunch of pot smoking wusses don't support me. I find it laughable that this group of followers call themselves activists. They are fans of princes with no direction home. they have folded their anti prohibition tent, left the battlefield and gone home because their prince has been hurt. I am so glad that I am not part of that herd.

Last night's National depresses me in some ways, because of how stupid our leadership seems, rather than come clean and be honest with people. The British study showing alcohol being more dangerous than crack or heroin for society, but I found that out for myself by quitting my consumption of it in 2003 for good and 3 years before that. Good things happen to me when I don't drink. You can see that I have the love of God within me when I am doing Psychedelics. Some may say that it is better to access this state through natural prayer, exercise, or meditation. I say that's great! You do it your way I do it my way. It is called Liberty.

I saw a couple of seconds in the news of two "Bonobos" in a clip about their social behavior and saw two hairy humans while on LSD a few days ago in their hand gestures. I know my Registrar would have none of this 'hairesy' but I like to step way off the planet in my Psychedelic perceptions.

The article about the study published in the Lancet about how alcohol is the most dangerous drug for society scoring more dangerous than heroin and crack by a long shot. What struck me as very important is that nowhere did we even see Marijuana, LSD, or MDMA or anything else on my menu, as being on the radar screen.

The only thing that Mr. Harper will likely do is stay intransigent.

No wonder I am getting more views on my article on poor Ashley Smith. They are hoping for a wider scope in the Inquiry. Canada has so many fucking inquiries, which always allow the culprits to escape punishment, that we have even created a TV program with the word in its title. All these things are, is little farcical plays which disguise (poorly) the fact that there is no rule of Law in Canada.

I am still personally very much optimistic, and am presently working on opening a website for ordering all of these substances anywhere in Canada and expect overnight delivery if you like. Credit card access, age restrictive controls based on membership to our Society will make this a very safe distribution system and the least start up costs to me.

The only other option for the government of Canada in my estimation is what I have always wanted and we stated we wanted in Parliament: Repeal of the drugs and substances act. This would forestall the effective power that would be immediately conferred to the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society should they give us the rights we demand and leave the rest of Canada to suffer the consequences of this failed policy which they granted us immunity from. This would also keep two acid heads from getting a lot of media attention and a huge boost in my sales of psychedelics to never-before-users by the example of our success against the nation of Canada which we credit largely to the use of these substances.

I am very confident that we are having a huge impact on the clever Mr. Harper's agenda. The hoax seems to be up and the emperor, not Jack Herer, has no fucking clothes, eh Mr. Harper. Your reason for massive prison expansion, the substance abuse laws, seems to be evaporating. And well it should, because as I have said before if these assholes don't cease and desist with this policy of lawlessness and violence producing idiocy in the face of every fact and our legal argument, I WILL JAIL THESE FUCKERS SHOULD I EVER GET THE CHANCE. I will try to get you a cell next to Marc Emery if he ever gets back so he can torture you with his talk every fucking day.

Your best option if you don't wish to give me the option of jailing you in the future is to repeal prohibition now, Mr. Harper!

When people tell me that my language is not godly I begin to get hot under the collar. I tell the truth in explicatives that are way less rude than the smooth sounding pure bullshit being fed to you by Mr. Harper's dull henchmen, which is actually killing Canadians and wreaking havoc in our communities. We need to spend more on prisons because an increase in unreported crimes?

Just got the latest news on Prop 19. It seems to have failed. That's why we didn't base our initiative on Canada legalizing anything. No, we don't presume to change the idiocy that has gripped Canada via its conservative leadership. We don't wish to participate in it for Religious, law and safety reasons, and because it seeks to harm our members who have just as much right, without being jailed by Canadians, as Canadians have to practice their violence and lawlessness without being jailed or harmed by us. You don't need us to bash around there will be plenty of Canadians who will continue to make an illegal profit off your illegal market to keep your police and their offspring in good paying lazy assed jobs for the next two generations, bashing people around and stealing their possessions.

No judge will be able to keep us in Canada because Polygamists have the right to practice their religion unfettered contrary to the criminal code, although it is the government's duty to protect under aged children from cults long, before it controls the diets and censors the cognitive liberty of free men and women, to cause murder and mayhem to increase in our communities as a natural direct result of prohibition policies. I am not about legalizing anything for reasons of personal gain or access to drugs. The money is good now and I have all the drugs one could want for personal use. I am not laying back in a hedonistic party, I am risking it all to make my community safer, and I am not quitting until I achieve my goal. My clever Registrar has a couple of interesting moves up his sleeve should the government deny our demands and so do I. Oh boy! what fun. I am getting to really enjoy my courthouse theater and this is only the opening act. And it for a worthy cause! I bet I am the only psychedelic dealer in this country interested in putting himself out of business and willing to put in fifteen hours a week of time involved in street level activism to do it. Put that in your pipe Jimmy Chu and smoke it.

The response worldwide response on my blog is phenomenal without any story in the press. Provincial government and Victoria IP addresses, as well as federal government and Ottawa IP labels, are showing up in increasing numbers. I love being able to speak from my heart and see that people are interested in what I have to say. No government or media censors. Freedom!


Warren G said...

I was wondering when you were going to come up with that mail service website plan... It was only a matter of time. You'll be one of the first sites if not the first to offer credit card payment option should you go through with your plan. Way to go! Perhaps you will become more powerful than Wal Mart one day...

bud oracle said...

All I want is the power to jail Mr. Harper and his cronies for crimes against humanity, for tyranny and theft, harming harmless people and burdening our society with violent crime to force his moral opinion that "drugs are bad" on us all.

Warren G said...
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Warren G said...
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Warren G said...

Power seems to corrupt anyone it comes across. Perhaps for once it may not? The charter of rights and freedoms either has no power or is completely corrupted by power...

I've tested a few of these rights and freedoms out and the RCMP seems to think the Charter of rights and freedoms doesn't exist? A few examples...
Freedom of peaceful assembly; Yeah right. G20 Anybody?

8. Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.
Fuck off. I just got my 2 grams of pot stolen from me by the RCMP peacefully walking down Broadway and minding my own business JUST THE OTHER DAY! FUCK You RCMP. I slaved away for 2 hours just so you could steal my property and make your dime by spending your time busting my poor sorry ass with some law that that really should have no power because of the charter of rights and freedoms?

Another right:
While under arrest...
(a) to be informed promptly of the reasons therefor;
Are you kidding me? I was put in handcuffs one time while walking down Ontario near Science world peacefully and openly rolling a joint... They didn't tell me shit when I repeatedly asked them why I was being put under arrest. They kept interrogating me for my information but I demanded they tell me why I was being put under arrest before I tell them any of my private information. They never did tell me why I had my day briefly interrupted by handcuffs other than that they told me I wouldn't give them my valuable private information that they seem to think they are entitled to. (I prefer not to give my information to strangers). Stupid Nosy Fuckers.
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a peace of shit bogus document made to pretend that we are completely free human beings even though in actuality we are treated like herds of sheep slaving away to the needs of big corporations.
I have copies of the charter of rights and freedoms that came from the government brain washing institution called secondary school. Since it doesn't seem to be worth much and the government can't even follow it's own documents it institutes, I think I'll be using it as a nice ass wipe tonight because it seems to be worth about that much anyways..