Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lad-00023 Three year old in car as man was gunned down last night

The CBC radio news reported that in New Westminster a man was shot and killed in a car while a three year old was present. The cops can try to hassle me all they want, but I have every right to do what I am about. Everyone else can stay asleep but I will not belong to such a society and comply with laws which cause this lawlessness to thrive. Another four hours or more are on the agenda for today. It doesn't matter if I get ignored by the sleepy consumers scuffling along lured by sales, people who use psychedelics are receiving the message and supporting me where it counts.

This shooting is due to, as the registrar puts it
Our action has not been undertaken lightly or without cause. Indeed, in much stronger language it foreshadows the conclusion of the aforesaid Report, which is offered not as an endorsement of the University system or its members, and with which we do not agree predicated of the institutional qualification of the writers of the Report. We offer it because it is an obvious conclusion. Indeed, it is stated far too conservatively and does not address the institutional lack of respect for Rule of Law which accompanies drug prohibition: it causes the King to be an instrument of injuria.

Drug prohibition is not only an act of violent domination conducted by yourselves and your officers; it is an act of violent domination, and, as the Corporate Study above says, gun violence and high homicide rates are likely a natural consequence of drug prohibition. That is to say, naturally speaking, your policy does not meet its stated objective of reducing drug supply, and that such policy comes at the cost of gun violence and high homicide rates.

Therefore, the inclusion of psychedelic drugs, to wit marihuana, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine and analogues, salts and isomers thereof, is contrary to s. 2(b) of the Charter as it infringes upon freedom of thought, but is such infringement within “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” thus saving the scheduling by s. 1? The purpose of law is to promote justice, judgement and peace. The aforesaid academic, corporate study concludes that a likely natural consequence of your prohibition is homicide and gun violence. Therefore, this infringement of cognitive liberty is not reasonable, for it promotes gun violence, and violence is the opposite of peace and is the act of the unjust: it is injurious, and it is unreasonable for people to be injured by the acts of a purportedly free and democratic society.

Can anyone who is worried about me and my actions explain to me why I should be concerned about my safety? If this theater of ours is "of God," as I truly believe it to be, why should I not be at least as proud and assured of righteousness as any of our troops over in Afghanistan are? I am not risking my life in a foreign land in an ambiguous (at the very least) project, rather I am risking my life, liberty and safety to help secure liberty, peace and harmony over here, right in my own backyard. I hear people say "If you don't like it leave." I know my duty as an enlightened citizen with the necessary talents to affect change. Why should I not walk proudly, fearlessly, in the spirit of Justice as revealed to me by my understanding and love of God? My revelation is deep, sincere and supported by all subjective scientific and obvious evidence seen about our daily lives. No one in their right mind would argue the facts as they are seen by all.

Since Remembrance day is coming about, I wish to state too you that patriotism, as marketed by the government, is a lie to get your sons to die for poor foreign policy, imo. You will not see me wearing a poppy. And I assert again, that you don't need to be wearing body armor and toting weapons, to have courage.

If I had received confirmation of my hypothesis "Do humans have a political gene?" earlier, I would have asked the Registrar add one more component to the argument, LAD-00023. The fact that people are genetically predisposed to take risk in a liberal sort of way, by their genetics, means that these people are the ones likely to be drawn into the "adventurous, rebellious jungle," the black market, which draws the risk takers amongst us humans. This comes from having a large lawless playground ready to sap their talents from more useful to society adventurous pursuits. The black market, its peripheral businesses, including illegal chemistry which is by its proliferating nature self promoting in News headlines, movie, novels and neighborhood displays of gang wealth and power, is drawing off real talent that we could use to replace the lame, jackboot supporting, conservative types who are oppressing the rest of us through social unlawful legislation..

Remove this lawless temptation and model of Injuria and allow your society to become Just once more. The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society wishes to do this in peace and show you a different, hopefully more successful way, of dealing with these issues. We must be allowed to go in peace and have safety for our peaceful law abiding members who wish to access God in their own way, and do things in a legal market which does not promote crime.

I have said this many times before: we need to have a balance of both the left and right to have good government. By its controlling nature, the right seems to have the edge in entrenching itself through oppression. Good, wise leadership, NOT CLEVER LEADERSHIP, MR. HARPER, must realize this about human nature. If you ever read the Bible, which is an accurate study of human nature (an early how to form a society for beginners book), you will grasp this fact.

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