Sunday, November 7, 2010

White Wolf, guy ringing bell, wearing a funny hat, yelling "Pyshedelics for sale" Vancouver

Many people have brought up the scenario that the government will ignore us come November 19, and not give us an answer either way, as it has done in the past. Off the top of his head, the Registrar had I, wanted to resend the document LAD-00023 and give it another two weeks. I was in agreement with this, but now have changed my mind. The government may wish to use this stalling tactic with its own Canadian citizens, but that won't do for me. Every day more people die from the idiocy called the Canadian Drugs and Substances Act. My community is in a crisis which the government has done absolutely nothing to stem, rather the Government of Canada has aggravated the problem, because of its insistence to avoid a rational, science based approached, rather it insists on serving US foreign policy, not the people of Canada..

I will ask my Registrar to file court proceedings against the Government of Canada on the morning of the 22, to challenge the charter and get things moving, should we not receive the acknowledgment of our claimed rights and the protection from harm and injuria that we seek. There will be no waiting for the government, in the form of its armed police goons, to make another violent attack against me at their leisure. Time will run out for the Government of Canada on the 19th November 2010. Once we begin court proceedings, I will not be dissuaded until we have defeated the Canadian Drugs and Substances Act for our personal safety, no matter if not a single other person joins us, or, there never is a mention in the press. This is for public safety and nothing else. We will not be ignored!

You see, the Registrar and I, can't be bought off through our egos, like Marc Emery. I tell CBC to "fuck right off" regularly, and I don't resemble, or, behave like a prince in any sort of way. We are in this for the safety of our community and we have knowledge of the real law, not just the corporate-gobble-de-gook statute crap that is designed to entrench corporate monopolies at the expense of social harmony and justice and perversion of the rule of law.
you people abuse legem regni, which is the only law that justifies outlawry or imprisonment, as a cloak for the malicious act of theft; and why? To prop up the University doctor/pharmacist/law monopolies. It is reprobate behavior contrary to law.

Just as I have been clever enough to catch the Government of Canada in a hate crime while smoking a joint of train wreck, We are going to derail this injurious express. All the while in court, in public, we will be giving credit to our success rightfully to LSD, MDMA, Psiloscybin, DMT, Marijuana, thereby boosting the sales of the Marijuana guild exponentially as other citizens of Canada wish to become enlightened, too. I have a feeling that the membership of the UDS will grow quickly with the publicity that will be forthcoming once we defeat the Government by ourselves. There is no other outcome to our argument. Prohibition is a policy that contradicts its stated goals:
Drug prohibition is not only an act of violent domination conducted by yourselves and your officers; it is an act of violent domination, and, as the Corporate Study above says, gun violence and high homicide rates are likely a natural consequence of drug prohibition. That is to say, naturally speaking, your policy does not meet its stated objective of reducing drug supply, and that such policy comes at the cost of gun violence and high homicide rates.

And further:
Therefore, the inclusion of psychedelic drugs, to wit marihuana, psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine and analogues, salts and isomers thereof, is contrary to s. 2(b) of the Charter as it infringes upon freedom of thought, but is such infringement within “reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” thus saving the scheduling by s. 1?

The purpose of law is to promote justice, judgement and peace. The aforesaid academic, corporate study concludes that a likely natural consequence of your prohibition is homicide and gun violence. Therefore, this infringement of cognitive liberty is not reasonable, for it promotes gun violence, and violence is the opposite of peace and is the act of the unjust: it is injurious, and it is unreasonable for people to be injured by the acts of a purportedly free and democratic society.

The options are very clear, either allow us to go quietly on the 19th of November, perhaps garner a compromise on our planned advertising campaign to keep it less public, or, perhaps work with us to tweak some aspect that they find truly objectionable. We have always been open to dialog, or we will destroy you and your lie which has caused untold harm to Canada. I will love to hang this sad millstone of oppression of Canadians around Mr. Harper's arrogant neck and see the last of him on the political scene:
The Marihuana Guild Charter also includes a clause enabling your Corporation, or any Corporation better equipped, to petition Court of Justice to undertake Administration of Marihuana Guild under the terms of its charter and continuing supervision of our Court of Justice.

Ignoring us will not be an option for the Government this time.

I am personally stepping up my campaign to a broader venue than just the courthouse announcement, next week. I will be traveling, singing out at the top of my voice, up and down the sidewalks of the Major streets of Vancouver, ringing my bell, advertising my wares and my blog. Shouting out reason and exposing our legal demands to the larger public as did town criers of old. Some of my stops will include the grand edifices of the media outlets, as well as the Police stations and the Supreme Court buildings. All will be video recorded and samples will be uploaded to Utube daily. I seem to have unreserved energies for this campaign. We will put a lie to your "dumb, useless drug user" propaganda and smear it into the ugly faces of the Canadian conservative tyrants, with pleasure in the supreme court venue, if given the chance.

In Victoria the Mayor was intimidated by vandalism of the homeless. There has been open shooting at the RCMP on some reserves. Here is some of the new tidal wave of anger building up in America in the video below.

Canada is very fortunate that we are not the average angry revolutionary. We are true believers in "Peace and Love" as in the daily worship/communion with our creator. This is the velvet part of our firm handshake approach that we are extending to Canada. The iron grip part is the argument in law that we have faith in, as being created by the will of God. Not a single entity in the US of A is advocating a return to the rule of law. All is angry chaos, threats to the stability of their society. This is the danger of allowing limited people like Sgt Kaiser to make social policy, because they have become deluded by their own myopia and can't see the forest for the trees. That is why strict accountability, not free reign, must be exercised over the police forces. In order to do their job correctly as individuals they must of necessity be too linear, too focused, to be able to see the larger picture of social cultural imperatives necessary to preserve the rule of law. They are not the ones equipped by nature who will "successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law." They are the ones by their nature who will obstruct this necessary function of evolution.

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