Sunday, November 14, 2010

New campaign to the Easterly regions Starts tomorrow

A young, new-to-the-business, campaign manager has posted me an email that has warmed my heart:
I will be there at 10 tomorrow with the locations of the RCMP
detachments and possibly city halls if they are conveniently located
for Burnaby, New West and Surrey. I'll get transit info as well.
Let's take this to the RCMP and see what they think of your little

I plan to be carrying samples of all the subject materials so that my worship of God is without limitations should I choose to ingest the materials. At anytime that I choose, I have the right to ingest any of the aforesaid materials and the right to posses them, in order that I may read the law of the table of my heart. Of course I will only retail from my shop during the appropriate hours.

I will be led by my creativity as to which phrases I will announce anywhere. Also I will be reading some of the excerpts from LAD-00023 that I love so much. Soon I will have them memorized.

This is a beautiful way to communicate! I love the fact that this blog is attended by so many people who have my best interests at heart. A good leader takes the advise of his generals. Although I did like the spirit of the campaign suggested and it was my idea in the first place, in the end I must marshal my forces conservatively, because there is only one of me. GOOD ADVISE IS NEEDED BY EVERYONE! So is humility and a sense of humor.
Please, please, there is no advantage to you getting arrested in some
foreign municipality and then dragged before some kangaroo court out
there. Slow and steady wins the race; taking cues from people who
haven't been in it for the long haul: is it good strategy, or do they
just like seeing you do your act, so they want to see you do your act
somewhere else?

There's an RCMP detachement within Vancouver City Limit, so that might
be a compromise if it is absolutely necessary to you that you buzz the RCMP.

Remember: they are an occupying military force. Mounted, Milite, that
is, Knights-on-Horseback. They're not like the VPD.

You can see that I am very impulsive, that I love action, and am determined to move forward. It's not all about writing for me. I want to launch into the very next thermal that is coming up the mountainside!

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