Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wu Li Dancing is my favorite exercise today LAD-00023 (listen to tune)

It's easy if you are in the groove! What I am doing is projecting my reality on to our common experience. I am not accepting the Government of Canada's perception of things. There is a set of righteous parameters implanted into my consciousness, and like any good observer/measurer, I influence the universe around me. I am nature/God looking at Himself while at the same time creating and putting to use the new rules for a better collective reality.

I have learned from hard experience that the somber droning tones you hear, which purport to be prayer, is actually brainwashing. Did you notice how the "apostate" lumped in all people with uniforms, the RCMP, Municipal police forces, paramedics, emergency forces? They all did acts of sacrifice to keep our "freedom?" Just what the fuck is our "freedom?" Does it include murdering a non English speaker at the airport, dumping Frank Paul in an alley, or, never holding a cop to account for any crimes. They are cattle who stand there forcing their barbed wire enclosures on to harmless people who are truly concerned about making this world a better place. No fucking way will I be cowed from speaking the truth in the name of God. And you certainly know who is speaking the truth when you listen to the exchange between the cop and I. He is so ill trained, that HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS HIS DUTY TO KEEP THE SIDEWALKS CLEAR AT ALL TIMES. HE IS ALSO SO ILL INFORMED AS TO PRESUME TO BE ABLE TO QUELL MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH ON ANY SIDEWALK IN CANADA, AT ANY TIME, IN FAVOR OF A STATE PROPAGANDA CEREMONY AND THEN CLAIM THAT THESE POOR DUPES DIED TO KEEP US FREE.

You didn't think that God would allow this oppression of evil to stand forever, did you? He brought all of this forth from the slime, therefor, He can do anything, if you shut the fuck up and receive His will and knowledge. Who would have ever thought that I had the capacity to leave off with my will and ego and listen? Certainly not me.

And you never have to pretend that you are holy to do this. It works best if you are honest about being the asshole that you are, but aware of it, and willing to try to change yourself a little bit everyday. In my estimation prayer is really only thinking deeply about everything that comes across your path without letting fear, greed, lust and hate get in your way. When you are standing there being "led" in "prayer' in a ceremony designed to perpetuate killing for airy-fairy concepts like "freedom" which no one can really define, it's not prayer. I assure you.

In my journeys on the sidewalks I see Canadians are not happy, or even curious. The seem bound up by fear and secluded within themselves. Very rigid in their bearing and attitude.
the fear is overarching though. Grown men are afraid to take my card because they might be seen doing it. The women are bolder and less inhibited.

I love doing what I am doing so much, that I intend to go forth today and see what kind of Canadians I will meet on these streets on a Saturday. Plus the added benefit from God is that I get rewarded with new business. Had a dozen new customers last night.

This will help me, because as I said, I am about to go trans continental with my menu on the internet, serving Canadians who wish to access psychedelic thoughts while exercising their cognitive Liberty, helping us in “thinking certain ways,” which is necessary for every generation to successfully consider, define and defend Rule of Law for itself.

There is much that needs to be considered, to define and to defend in Canadian rule of law, without going to other countries and exporting what amounts to tyranny, not democracy. In a democracy people are free to access any peaceful mode of thought without armed goons coming in to steal and harass you. Until we learn to have a free society here it makes no sense except that only tyranny invades other nations. Just as the guise of "drug Prohibition" was used to steal from harmless people, today, the world is deceived by lies which pretend to sanction foreign invasions for the good of others. This allows evil to reign throughout our world. Every society must consider, define and defend the rule of law for itself in every corner on the planet. This is not a function that one or more nations can forcibly do for another under military occupation. This is impossible, and what you have is a lie of oppression being covered up for morons to believe that they are doing good and have a reason to worship their "fallen" who were actually the violent oppressors. My fellow humans are soooo friggen gullible, it makes me wince sometimes.

They are gullible, because they have been trained to be entertained, and have become too lazy to seek the truth, grow their own knowledge, rather they wait for "it" to be fed to them. This causes them to be poisoned by the diets imposed on them.

Almost five hours later I am back. All cops ignore me now. One guy looked like an off duty cop riding by on a bicycle near science world while I was just walking along called out "asshole" so I know he was reading my blog this morning. It is amazing to me how humorless, dour, Canadians of all ages are. About the only ones I saw smiling silently swept up my card as they drifted fearlessly close. Psychedelic users seem less rigid, less fearful and have a sense of humor. Most others seem so worried about what the other monkeys on the street might think, that they sometimes appear to be holographic projections, without substance, translucent almost. They seem like a graphic designer's set for a marketing campaign. Lined up like examples of good consumers drawn by sales and bright boggles. On LSD they seem like manikins posing as they examine goods in the shop, almost as sheik as posters of models adorning the walls. I love to shout into these stores if they are full, "Psychedelics for sale!" THERE IS NO OBSTRUCTING MY VOICE!

What is the mind?

Last night I did a smoke of DMT and had an experience with my Wolf that was almost spiritual. He appeared as a stylized Wolf whose deep fur became multi colored, always changing geometric patterns of feather like materials. The wolf seemed to blossom forth this huge bouquet of peacock's feathers changing rhythmically with some profound flow of emotions between us. The bonding came in a tactile, visceral, floral way. He was the most beautiful creature I have ever touched. I touched his mind and he touched mine.

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