Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Police training, pot, RCMP grow op Bears, civil behavior (click for back story)

Is this bear a victim of pot overdosing? Too much pot wipes out years of rigorous RCMP training and turns a valuable police asset into a docile civil "circus bear." Years of advanced training have been destroyed, rendered useless, by bear lovin' pot growers. More charges are pending.

There is an update for the RCMP trained grow buster bears story. Apparently it is illegal to feed the bears any dog food as they are considered constables first class. The Marijuana grower who fed these RCMP highly trained grow busting bears has been charged under the wildlife act. Rumors claim that the bears would not testify against him concerning the marijuana charges, which left the cops with only the charges under the wildlife act to proceed with. Did someone take the fall for a Christina Lake mountain woman? Perhaps we will never know the full extent of the misconduct.

The RCMP are taking offers from circuses for these bears to recoup some of their losses. Dingling Brothers Con Clowns Incorporated, a worldwide entertainment group which has ties to RCMP fund raising events, is rumored to have made an offer. It is subject to the RCMP supplying them with a ten year supply of confiscated marijuana per bear as they are now addicted to this drug and need it to comply with the trainers' wishes. The trainers like it too, for pain relief(working with bears takes its toll), but must supply their own pot, according to a company spokesman.

Bud Oracle does supply marijuana to adult bear trainers who wish to enhance their primary lessons (check out the menu and location above). For advanced training purposes only, Bud will supply LSD, allowing a 10% discount for law enfarcement. After all he is concerned about contributing to community programs.

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