Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Countless communities of polygamy, human trafficking possible?

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Have these disgruntled former women of Bountiful not wreaked enough havoc on a society? Why don't they move the frig on? They are free. Get on with life! There are many more Catholic priests, and other clergy, people in positions of trust, still out there committing real crimes. This sure looks like a justice system/community hijacked in a dishonest way, harnessed to the fears of a couple of disillusioned, former polygamist women. I have lived near Creston BC, growing pot, and witnessed these people interact with the community. I am a very observant Chief Justice, and as far as I noticed, these people were happy and as normal as anyone else. Certainly as normal as any spoiled little kids I see in these environs screaming they want this and that like they see on TV. Why are they being hassled? If there were abuse, then it would have appeared regularly, and, consistently. It is nowhere evident. Except maybe to Wally Oppal's Judgmental political eye. Quirky and different, yes, but dangerous? I severely doubt anyone is getting hurt beyond the normal tensions of living in a tiny isolated community free of the constraints and propaganda of others.

The drama in the video below began when I was growing pot west Creston and admitted to it in a bold stupid move to the Creston RCMP, Officer Jason Panio, during a landlord tenant dispute as the Sgt. wished to portray it at first. Upon first hearing it he commented
I foolishly shot back
if you can raise young women for sexual purposes contrary to the polygamy laws, only ten kilometers from here, I can certainly raise plants to make a living
So on it went until just before the trial in Creston in the summer of 2005, the sad event of Mayerthorpe happened, which my influence on has garnered me a get of jail free ticket, along with, it was also only a first offense.

It would be very wrong to say that I have ever dropped out of things when I needed to face them. It's all good! But I always seem to be very turned on!

Holy crap they have been a long time coming to a decision on this question.

The mountain in the top picture behind the little girls of Bountiful is situated perfectly for the prevailing winds and is an extreme thermal generator.

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