Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diane Rothon BC Chief Coroner Fired during Paul Boyd Inquiry

As I asked in the post in the title link, now I know. From the bits of testimony coming out of the Paul Boyd Inquiry, I can see that there might have been a difference of opinion between the Government and someone who had an ethical core, a medical doctor perhaps, Diane Rothon? oh well girl you tried your best! It sure sounded to me like the cop executed Paul Boyd by everything that I have heard. The fact that the Police Chief obstructed justice on his behalf so soon after so dramatically is telling, imo.

A couple of clients have "warned" me at different times about police cruisers being parked at the top of the hill. I am happy that the area is well policed, I tell them. Of course there are many policing tasks to be done in this area. A lot of spousal abuse goes on when the drinking starts. There are meth labs around, dangerous people are walking around in the hood. why would I need to worry about the police? I am not under their jurisdiction and they know it. As far as I know, Lindsey Houghton is true to his word.

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