Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Name Game or What's in a name?

If you click the title link and see the recognition given in the parliament, it is now made even more official in that the Ministry of Health is responding to me by my proper name.

Today, the morning of the 15th, brings with it visions of smoothly undulating hills and tall mountains, deep dangerous crags. I am soaring like a hungry bee, wafting up on heady spring aromas close to a beautiful flower in a bee's clumsy version of flight. Soon I might zoom in and land on its lovely petals and do my thing, if the air currents are right. There is always turbulence to be wary of, though. Life is fragile. At any moment my liberty could be curtailed. Storm troopers could take me to jail. Crash and burn. Oh No! Or, I could be lucky, make a good landing. I could climb in and get my reward of sweet nectar. it's fun flying none the less.

This whole thing, my ongoing political adventure , my life, is reminiscent of an awesome cross country soaring flight, to me. At the moment I am tucked into a nice glide to the horizon, with the variable geometry full on high speed mode, at cloud base under an endless cloud street. The ground is 3 kilometers below me laid out like a jigsaw puzzle. I have a strong tail wind. It feels like I will fly on forever and come in for a nice landing at the end of the day. Things can change fast, though. That is part of the fun for me and other soaring pilots. Its the dynamic uncertainty of it that draws out the full experience, the full load of adrenaline. Some people, are built that way.

Here is something in the optimistic genre which was sent to me only moments ago. It shows some of this dynamic interplay in progress.

the Paul Boyd Inquiry is going on but it seems the outcome is a foregone conclusion. No doubt the guy had injured a cop but was he really enough of a threat at the moment of the shooting to warrant it? That at any rate has nothing to do with what I complained about, which was the actions of the Police Chief Jim Chu who obstructed justice on behalf of the officer who shot him before any investigation was begun.

That corruption belongs to Canada. I do not belong to Canada, therefor, other than through normal human compassion/empathy, this does not touch me.

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