Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is "democratic" government a solution to good leadership?

When I see the mess that the political situation is in as reflected by our British Columbia political parties which are both undergoing "rejuvenation," I have to reconsider my wish to become involved in Canadian politics. There are two important words in that last sentence, imo. "Both" reefers to the fact that, usually in our system, there are only two political parties which are significant. As I have stated in "Do humans have a political gene?" we are fractionalized, polarized, by the nature of our "intelligent" political "discourse" or lack of it, to a "guttural" reaction. This drives the social division we see in our politics, which precludes rational decision making. Next, the large apolitical center, or those born without political filters(50% as in the study), away from the voting booths. This allows the evisceration of democracy on principle and manages to install fractionally driven governments which don't take into account that the nature of good human government depends on balancing these factions. One thing that became apparent when doing the study and researching into the different election results of democracies, is that democracies are a recent, rare phenomenon, totally unproven as to their effectiveness in good governance during the long run, and, not proven as a harmonious part of the governance of the peoples of the entire world.

The reason for this is that the polarization is being caused by the media which are the property of corporations. As Alex Carey so clearly points out, there is no real democracy in the West, especially the USA and Canada, it is controlled by corporate propaganda, as many of us have been proclaiming for decades.

Within the video below, I outline my goals as Chief Justice of the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society and give you some insight as to my motivations as an individual.

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