Monday, December 13, 2010

I am humbled by the following from around the world

Although the numbers are not huge, among them is a high percentage of universities, city and state, provincial, and federal governments. Many come in on my genetics articles (CLICK TITLE LINK) as well as our legal concepts. I have used such a wide vocabulary on a full spectrum of topics that the search engines find me often. Truly I never learned any of this or planned anything. This is all seat of the pants cyber flying. Nice Friggen Ride!

Much like Jonni Durand takes us on! From launch to landing, I feel as if I am on MDMA when I watch this video. It conjures up such vivid memories for me, that I "crank and bank" with him as he flies by the arms of Christ! One day I would have liked to take this flight for real and worked to achieve it. Today, I am satisfied to have a global readership of intelligent people to whom I can express myself, while flying this space-time machine. Using the keyboard instead of weight shift for "directional control," I am able to catch the odd "fusion dragon" and rise above the landscape. I have weaned myself off the addiction to raw adrenaline in copious quantities and relegated my "fun time" to communing with god under the influence of psychedelics. This is a much safer and less destructive to the environment of a sport than hang gliding is and connects me directly to other members of the community in a happy, productive, way. Where is the need to punish people for something so harmless? Oh, and my selling these substances should give you a friggen clue as to how harmless they are. The only crime, in the almost three years I have been doing this openly, was when the police busted me on lies and false allegations at the store on 564 East Broadway. Think about it my neighbors are fine with what I do, there is no violence around me. Near the Mayor's house and City Hall, though, things are different. Could it be because here I control and regulate that there is no crime?

The landscape is different today, though, compared to when I was hang gliding. The "air currents" are mostly political turbulence. None-the-less, it is possible to "soar." The goal is different, too. This is not for solely hedonistic pursuit, although, it may look like it to some of you watching me do all these drugs. I see it in a different way. I see personal harm reduction at work.

I see what I am doing as "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear." I am hearing presently, a discussion on "the Current CBC radio" about the 69 year old lady who was stripped searched by the Ottawa police. Listen to her! How defiant she is! She sounds like the female version of me! She likes having a drink. So what? the cops like to assualt people So what the fuck are you going to do about it? This flight for Justice is what stirs my passions today. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY MORE PEOPLE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THIS THROUGH HUMAN EMPATHY?

I am a drug using, addictive personality(sow's ear), who refuses to wear the label that the establishment has been trying to hang on me for 46 years: Dumb drug user. I am not a dumb person, and even though I have personal problems with substance abuse, I use relatively harmless drugs and am very engaged with helping change things for the better(silk purse.) Much more so than many users of alcohol are contributors. What the Registrar and I have done is "extremely extraordinary" when I see from where we have come.

Last night he came by for a visit and saw I was a bit stressed. We discussed my having to learn new things(growing into the role of Chief Justice) relating to working with other people, delegating authority, and mainly being patient. We completed this visit with the Lord's prayer which is something that I am learning helps in many situations. Sure we are playing at this (isn't life a play, a fun game which is meant to be enjoyed?) But, this is real Wu Li Dancing, none-the-less.

I am behaving like 99.9% of the other psychedelic "drug users." I will not tolerate the actions of today's police forces, and when I can, I do what I can to change things for the betterment of my community(just look to the right side of this article to access what I have done). I state exactly what I do, what I think, openly, every day in writing and video record to put the lie to this war on drugs, which is a war on harmless people for the benefit of organized crime and the university monopolies.

I don't know about you, but when I see how the Registrar and I have cobbled together this new legal paradigm(space ship) which is still fragile in my, and non existent in many other peoples' eyes, I have to actually shake my head to get a reference point that doesn't seem delusional after some reflection. The Registrar has asked me whether it matters what other people think, if it was important that I receive "popular recognition." this has forced me to search my soul and respond by saying, "not really!" Yes of course many times before I have thought indulgent, hedonistic, materialistic thoughts. Perhaps they will make good fiction? What is coming to the fore now is the beautiful complexity of this gift from God, (Lad-00023 listen to and download this audio- the Registrar is on LSD when he reads it,) is. A few things I am sure of: That this is really from God, that this is an example of Wu Li Dancing at its finest and that I am only a cog in the wheel.

Marc Boyer was just here. Man that guy is contentious! He also has no fear of idiocy. Marc has contributed much more than his fair share to keep our freedoms alive. I disagree with his strategy, but applaud his activism especially his perseverance. He also made me some great cookies! Thanks for everything Marc!

Update 12:57 pm... Only moments ago i had an interesting conversation with some young people who are in the same business as me. Apparently they have been to my blog, because when I started explain what they must do if they wished to become lawful sellers, is to comply with the rules of the Marijuana Guild, before I had a chance to further expound, the one guy chirps in, "You have to charge 5% sales tax right and sell only to people over eighteen."

I am pleasantly shocked! These are the people we wish to reach out to! These are the ones now dying in the illegal drug trade because there is no regulation! They are interested! And no I am not afraid of them. Every single young person whether out here, or, in the remand center whom I have met, respects me for my outspoken honesty. You bet it is going to pay off that I treat everyone with respect and trust. It always comes back around in spades! Never fails. This is from God and He is my only protection. He has assured me that how I act is acceptable to him, and this is the evidence that I need in the feedback loop(being of scientific bent.)

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